This virtual theater course built around 'The Lion King' on Broadway will keep your kids busy
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Your Kids Can Take A Virtual Theater Course From 'The Lion King' On Broadway For Free

If you're running out of ideas to keep your little ones entertained and engaged right now, there is another free resource available that might help make all the difference. The Lion King on Broadway is offering a free virtual theater course, letting parents share the arts with their little learners. Follow the short, digital lessons and walk your way through a magical adaptation of a beloved Disney classic.

The Lion King Experience, originally designed to accompany a school's production of the show, is a holistic arts education program that boasts an immersive introduction to the theater as represented by the Broadway production of The Lion King, as Good Morning America reported. Through it, you can teach your kids the basics of song, dance, lighting, and more with the simple steps and resources from the course.

There are two different options for the curriculum: a "Kids" edition aimed at kids aged 8-11 with 11 episodes and a "Jr." edition for adolescents aged 12-15 with 18 episodes. Disney adapted the 45-minute lessons from the in-school classroom program for families to learn from at home and is offering it all for free. To get started, simply select your desired curriculum and follow the PDFs that link to videos and resources.

Each session in the course includes a short video introduction from Broadway stars Jelani Remy and Syndee Winters who headed the Broadway production of The Lion King. From there, parents, teachers, and children are encouraged to move through the various topics related to theater individually and plan a project related to what they've learned. Projects can include writing songs of their own, painting theater masks, and more.

At the end of the session, students can share their creations with family members at home or with other students digitally and journal about the experience. Once they have finished all of the sessions, students receive a completion certificate that shows they have learned all there is to learn about theater.

With families taking education into their own hands during school closures related to the ongoing pandemic, free resources like The Lion King Experience are a great way to keep things interesting and learn something outside of the norm. Break a leg!