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The Next Hallmark Wedding Flick Will Have You Doing Double Takes

Married or not, it's the time of year for all the wedding movies. The best place to catch a few good ones is Hallmark, obviously. They're good at churning out romcoms and meet cute scenarios that touch your heart, and make you want to get married all over again (or at all). Some wedding-themed films don't always have the right mix of cast and story, making an otherwise good thing not so great. The Love, Take Two cast is about to change all that, making you believe in love at first watch.

As if the cast isn't fire enough, the plot of Love, Take Two sounds like it's coming at the perfect time, because reality shows are everything. Lily (Heather Hemmens), is the producer of a reality TV show that pits three wedding couples against each other for a cash prize. When one of the couples exits, Lily has to find a replacement or her job is on the line. Luckily, she runs into her ex from college, Scott (Cornelius Smith Jr.), who happens to be engaged. He and his fiancée, Brynn (Tara Erica Moore), decide to help her out. That means Scott and Lily spend time together like the old days, feelings arise, and complications with Lily's show come about. Ultimately, the movie about a second chance at love is pretty good, but the cast is what makes it great.

Heather Hemmens

As the leading role of Lily, Hemmens sets the tone for the film in all the best ways. If this gal looks familiar, it's probably because she played series regular, Maria Deluca, in the CW's Roswell, New Mexico. Other roles include If Loving You Is Wrong, based on the Tyler Perry feature Single Mom’s Club for OWN, and a recurring role on Paramount TV's Yellowstone, opposite Kevin Costner. As for those TV spots, you may have seen her on Grey's Anatomy.

Her IMBD page says she a skilled martial artist with a black belt (so watch your back), and has "extensive weapons training."

Cornelius Smith Jr.

Calling all Scandal fans: If you missed Smith as Marcus on the ABC hit series, he's ready to steal your heart in Love, Take Two opposite Hemmens as her ex, Scott. Smith wears many acting hats as he was part of the daytime drama, All My Children, for four years. That aside, I'm sure you've caught him in something, because his resume is a lengthy one. From Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, to Major Crimes, there's little he hasn't done. His IMBD page is an impressive one.

Tara Erica Moore

Moore, who plays Brynn in Love, Take Two, is worldly, having grown up in both South Africa and Connecticut. Her IMBD page says she's also lived in Korea, Singapore, and France. She may have graduated from Wesleyan University with a BA in Psychology, and garnered an MBA from UCLA Anderson, but acting is where her heart is. She's been in numerous TV shows since '09 and even modeled for Nike, Coke, and Target.

Jessie Fraser

Fraser plays Kim in Love, Take Two but she's more than a prolific actress. It might surprise you to learn that, in addition to 37 credits to Fraser's name, she's also a scholar. With a master's degree in Archival Studies from the University of British Columbia, I'm surprised she ended up in shows like Van Helsing, Supernatural, and a number of other noteworthy TV shows. But the most exciting thing about her is her Twitter bio which says, "where are the snacks?"

Eric Gustafsson

Gustafsson hasn't been doing the acting thing for too long, though some of his projects include Heartland and a few other TV movies. In Love, Take Two he plays James. The British Columbia, Canada actor not only acts but also directs, known for Bomb Squad and Hunger. His Twitter bio says he's an "ex-farmkid," and "University athlete."

Maria Turner

Turner started her career in theater plays before moving to British Columbia, Canada. In Love, Take Two she's the "winning bride." Since '14, she's appeared in numerous projects such as Lucifer, Supernatural, and Rush.

Alisson Amigo

Amigo doesn't have a long list of credits, but you may have caught her in Just in Time for Christmas, or A Christmas Detour. She also appeared as a stand-in actor and photo double for a few projects. That aside, she likes to Tweet about everyday life — what she's up to, exciting happenings on set, and how great it feels to drive with new sunglasses. Basically, she's just like us, only famous.

So there you have it folks: the cast of actors who is about to make you believe in love (and reality TV) again.