This Sex Toy Advent Calendar Will Really Put The Jingle In Your Bells

The holidays are especially stressful for parents. At the end of the day, you're overwhelmed and likely getting irritated with your partner. It would be easy to engage the feeling, thus exacerbating the problem. But there's an alternative, and that's where the Lovehoney sex toy advent calendar comes in. Consider decompressing with each other — or just yourself — with a new toy each night.

Because after you've spent countless hours wrapping presents and bickering, it's far better to help each other — ahem — unwind, than it is to soothe a bruised ego. Also, it's fun. The box itself is, admittedly, a little heterocentric in its toy choices, given that one of the most prominently placed toys in the box is a We-Vibe. A We-Vibe is a two-person vibrator that is meant to stimulate both the penis and the clitoris, as well as the female G-spot. Although because of the design, it can be fantastic for lesbian couples. But it is not likely as useful for two genetically male partners. However, there is a surprising array of anal plugs, prostate toys, and blindfolds for couples or singles to use and enjoy that are a bit more inclusive to male partners. Last year's calendar sold out quickly, so you're going to want to jump on this deal.

All of Lovehoney's products are easy to clean, medical-grade materials of the highest quality. That means you don't need to worry that anything will be less than safe and well-designed. It retails for $130, but the contents are worth $280, making it a real steal.

If you've never played around with sex toys before, this is a fun and festive way to tiptoe into the waters. There are certainly some advanced items in the lot, like the the anal beads and nipple clamps, but there's no reason to be intimidated by them. If you try it, and realize that's not your thing, that's no big deal. Just don't play with it again. But you might love it. There is a real possibility that you and your partner unlock something within yourselves that you didn't even know existed. You'll find that once you start playing, there is an entire world of fun things available to you.

If you're well-versed in sex toys, this is a fun surprise kit. It is full of new and interesting methods of titillation, and it's all the latest technology. No more searching for batteries when your vibrator dies. Now you just plug it in, and in a short while, you're back in business. Sex toys are now far more convenient and eco-friendly than they were in the 2000s, when everything required two AA batteries. Imagine how many batteries Charlotte went through when she got her rabbit.

Although, I have a bone to pick with Charlotte, Miranda, and Carrie. When Carrie and Miranda buy Charlotte the Ferrari of vibrators, they get mad at her when she stays in to use it instead of going to an art gallery to troll for dudes, fully knowing how satisfying the experience can be. None of them had a great track record with dating, so therefore taking some time out to spend alone with a very satisfying purple vibrator makes a lot of sense. So Miranda and Carrie then go over to Charlotte's apartment, find the vibrator they got for her, and callously take it back. First, it takes a special kind of friend to handle your used vibrator. Second, she was better off with the rabbit than when she married the tool who put up the baby poster. Moral of the story? Keep the vibrators, friends.

And keep all the vibrators in the Lovehoney sex toy advent calendar, because they are sure to rock your world. Or at least shake things up during a particularly difficult time of year. And in the end, that's almost as important.