This Marvel TOMS Collab Is The Best Pairing Since Spider-Man & Iron Man

I am a huge Marvel nerd, and I love a great collaboration. I mean, few things go better than Ant-Man and The Wasp or Spider-Man and Iron Man, right? So when I saw the new Marvel TOMS shoes collaboration, I was all over it. They're super cute, and I want one of each pair. (If only they gave me the actual superpowers.)

The line is massive, featuring shoes to fit the tiniest of tots and the most fully grown adult, and each shoe design is more vivid and fun than the last. Not only does the collab have the classic TOMS slip-on shoe, but there are also fantastic throwback-style high-tops, low-tops, and slides with velcro closures for the itty bitties. The lace-up varieties are a graphic style with a navy, black, or red background and various Marvel logo names printed across the fabric. The slip-on shoes for adults and kids have a more densely printed pattern all over that looks like a comic book panel embossed directly on the sneaker. My personal favorites are the Tiny TOMS shoes that look like little character masks of the Hulk and Spider-Man.

I can just imagine babies Hulk-smashing the ground with their little green feet, making the growl and the face as they plow through the playground.

Probably the best part about the new Marvel TOMS shoes is that the slip-on varieties help little kids put their own dang shoes on in the morning without the whole screaming affair about laces not tying and older siblings not helping. They just slide them on (socks optional) and go. Sure, do it for the style, do it for the cute, but really, do it for the sanity.

Another good reason to do it? For charity — because when you buy a pair of TOMS, you're helping the company give back to someone in need. For every pair of shoes purchased, TOMS provides a child in an underserved area of the world with a new pair of shoes of their own. The company also says they give eyewear and eye exams through their eyewear purchases and access to clean water by purchasing their coffee. And, they claim that through purchases from their bag collection, they help provide developing countries with birth attendant training and resources for safe births. Talk about a superhero moment, right?