The Mattel Playroom gives your kids access to their favorite brands and characters through apps, cra...
Courtesy of Cat Bowen

Barbie, Hot Wheels, & More Make Up The New Mattel Playroom To Entertain Your Kids

by Cat Bowen
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I am on day 19 of being quarantined with two children and my husband in our Brooklyn apartment. If I hear "I am bored" from my kids one more time, I don't know what I'll do. Thankfully, recognizing parents' struggle, the Mattel Playroom is here, and it's specifically developed to entertain our kids through play.

The Mattel Playroom is a free online resource that brings together all of your favorite Mattel brands — Barbie, American Girl, Fisher Price, Thomas and Friends, Hot Wheels, and more — in printable activities, online games, character videos, and crafting projects. Yes, perennial favorites like the Barbie vlogs are on there, but now kids can craft along as they watch. Richard Dickson, President and COO of Mattel said in a press statement, “We believe in the power of play and how essential it is for child development, especially in these difficult times when so much is in flux for kids and families. We recognize the unique challenges that parents and caregivers are facing right now both working and playing from home and have designed the Mattel Playroom to be a valuable resource for them.”

Thankfully, there's enough variety and activities that your kids won't be whining "I'm bored" any time soon after you introduce this lovely page to their iPads.

In order to test this theory, I handed it to my daughter, as she is currently lying beside me decrying the lack of fun in her life, and readers, it worked. She found her beloved Barbie, and is now going through the videos. Thank you, Mattel, for giving me this blessed moment of silence.

Mattel Playroom

The content is going to be updated weekly, which is perfect, because that's about as much time as my kids will devote to content before they start with the boredom chants again. Mattel has developed a landing pad for parents to help guide them through their children's use of the Playroom, and they are encouraged to join in the online conversation using the hashtag #KeepPlaying.

We are in unprecedented times, and brands are really throwing it all out there to help us get through it. None of us know how long this will last, so knowing that there is an ongoing resource for play — an essential part of children's lives — is a comfort.

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