Image Courtesy Of Miku

This New Miku Baby Monitor Designed By Military Engineers Is Not Messing Around

by Lindsay E. Mack

The technology of baby monitors has come a long way since the days of those crackly old audio-only options. Newer monitors are like something out of a spy movie. In fact, the technology included in the Miku baby monitor offers some seriously impressive piece of mind for parents.

Using military technology — yes, really — the Miku baby monitor tracks the baby's breathing, sleeping trends, as well as room temperature and humidity levels. And the tech in this monitor is not playing around. With patent-pending artificial intelligence and machine learning technology called SensorFusion, the monitor can create a reading of your baby's health without any wires or wearables. (This sounds like magic, right?) The Qualcomm processor monitors the baby's breathing and movement in real time, and the monitor can keep working even if your WiFi connection fails. Parents can monitor the baby's health data on the iOS and Android compatible app. Over time, the monitor and app can build a record of the baby's overall health and sleep hygiene. It can also keep track of your baby's health stats, which is great for kids of the FitBit generation.

Not surprisingly, the inspiration for this top-of-the-line monitor came from a new parent. "The Miku Baby Monitor is only the beginning for us,” said Miku’s co-founder and CEO Eric White. “As a new father, I know there is a huge need for this level of technology and sophistication in a product people entrust to help care for their loved ones. The applications for Miku’s technology are limitless.” White designed the sort of monitor he wanted to use for his own children.

Image Courtesy Of Miku

Although it just debuted, the Miku monitor has already generated a lot of positive interest. Miku was named a winner in the “Baby Sleep” category and “Audience Favorite” in the annual Best of Baby Tech Awards held by Babylistat the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019. "We’ve invented a technology that cares as much about your baby as you do," said Colt Seman, CMO and co-founder of Miku. "We’re honored to be a winner in the Best of BabyTech Awards and hope to set a new standard for the industry that raises expectations for something as core to care as a baby monitor."

In addition, the Miku monitor uses a high security Crypto Chip to keep your baby's health info safe. The tamper-resistant chip is built into the device, so hopefully you won't deal with a baby monitor hacking incident like a South Carolina mom recently experienced, as noted in NPR. It's never too early to protect your little one's health data.

With its minimalist, small design, the Miku monitor will fit in with most any decor. (Seriously, it's about the size of a smart phone.) Miku retails for $399, and it is available for purchase on January 8th, 2019. With features such as HD speakers, two-way talk, 5MP camera, 1080P HD video, and night vision, this device takes the baby monitoring game to the next level. For parents who like monitoring health data and using the latest tech, the Miku monitor is a given.

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