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The Moment Meghan Markle Saw Her Wedding Dress Is Incredible — VIDEO

Meghan Markle really does seem to have gotten a handle on this whole royal thing really fast, and a new documentary series premiering in the United Kingdom gives some great clues into her totally chillaxed character, including the moment Meghan Markle saw her wedding dress, which is so fascinating.

The project, Queen of the World, is focused more on Queen Elizabeth II and just how seriously she takes her job as the head of Britain's monarchy and the overseer of a commonwealth that includes 53 countries, as documented in the film's trailer on YouTube.

But the two-part project — which premieres this week on Britain's ITV in the United Kingdom, according to Harper's Bazaar — also includes fascinating, exclusive moments with members of the family, such as when Markle sees her completed wedding dress for the first time.

According to Marie Claire, the Duchess of Sussex, as she is now known, was interviewed exclusively for the project — including the never-before-seen moment in which Markle touches her silk tulle wedding veil, it seems for the first time, hand-embroidered with flowers that represent the entire commonwealth. "Fifty-three countries, oh my goodness," she said calmly. "It will keep us busy."

Watch the moment for yourself below (fast forward to the 20-second mark).

As Marie Claire added, since the docuseries' moment with Markle shows the bride-to-be wearing the same beautiful Roland Mouret navy dress that she wore to tea with the Queen and her mother, Doria Ragland, the day before the wedding, that likely means that 24 hours before her nuptials, Markle was cool and collected enough to be interviewed not even about herself, but her future grandma-in-law. Impressive!

According to The Sun, the series will offers unique access to the Queen's life with her family and her role with the public. The project will also cover the Queen's resolve to pass her knowledge to a new generation of royals, for which the filmmakers were granted exclusive access to the Queen, the Palace, her staff and private residences, as well as rare royal home movies, according to a video on YouTube.

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What's more, as The Sun noted, the Countess of Wessex, Prince Harry, Prince Charles, Prince William, Princess Anne are interviewed on camera, with Prince Harry joking that he gets as intimidated as anyone else when he runs into his formidable grandmother in the Palace hallway.

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The documentary is hitting just as Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan are about to set off on their first royal tour of British Commonwealth, according to People, exactly 65 years after Queen Elizabeth II did the same trek early in her reign, according to The Sun.

The series' inclusion of Prince Harry's wedding to Duchess Meghan seems to show the royal family knows that Markle represents a new kind of royal, and, with a psychic recently predicting baby news for the royal newlyweds on British television, according to Hello! Magazine, it sure will be interesting to see what happens next with this fascinating family.