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These Are The Top Searched Halloween Costumes In 6 States, According To Google

by Lindsay E. Mack

Trends affect everything in fashion, and even Halloween costumes go through changes in popularity. But thanks to technology, we now have more information about costume trends than ever before. In fact, there's now accurate intel about the most popular Halloween 2018 costumes by state, according to Google. I have a strong feeling that most parents can guess what the top costume choice will be this year.

With over 3.5 billion Google searches occurring each day, Google Trends and the Google News Lab have compiled this information into a handy holiday guide for all things Halloween. With the launch of Frightgeist, an interactive Halloween site powered by Google Trends, curious costumers can get up-to-date data on the most popular costumes around. This info can be used by anyone to locate the perfect costume. It's a neat and creative way to make use of Google's powerful technology.

Now for the fun part. Can you guess which costumes are most popular in your state, or other parts of America? Really, the results are a fun mix of classic costumes we've all seen for decades, as well as a few trends that are unique to kids these days. Read on to see what's trending in your part of the world.



Ariel Costume Collection, $11 to $37, Shop Disney

If you're in Alaska this October 31, expect to see the streets filled with sirens. Mermaids were the most-searched costume here, so plenty of these magical creatures will knock on your door for treats.



Meanwhile, kids in Arkansas and Oregon are likely to dress up as dinosaurs this year. As someone who went trick-or-treating as a stegosaurus for many years in a row, this warms my heart. It's good to see today's kids are still into all things prehistoric.



Superheroes are popular costume choices every year, and 2018 is no different. So anyone in the District of Columbia or South Dakota should keep your eyes peeled for Spider-Man. Really, it'll be more like a whole mob of Spider-People taking the streets this Halloween.



Girls Magical Unicorn Costume, $50,

Anyone residing in Idaho or Utah should be prepared to see herds of these magical creatures on the loose this October. Unicorns were the top costume searches in both states, which is a testament to the power of these mystical horsies.



David McNew/Getty Images News/Getty Images

They're keeping it classic in Vermont, and I respect that. Monsters are the most-searched costume in the state, which is wonderful. It's great to see kids getting back to the spooky roots of the holiday.



In all other the other states, yes ALL 43 other states, the top searched costume is... Fortnite. In a revelation that probably surprised no parents, the online video game released in 2017 has won Halloween for 2018. It isn't just your kids: children all over the United States are straight-up obsessed with the game. So if you come across some costumes that don't make a lot of sense to adults, just guess that it's from Fortnite and you're probably going to be correct. However your family dresses this year, have a lovely time out trick-or-treating.