The New Barbie Wellness Collection Teaches Kids The Importance Of Self-Care

Barbie has always been a vessel for children to imagine themselves in any situation. President Barbie, pediatrician Barbie, rockstar Barbie — but now the popular brand is releasing the new Barbie wellness collection to their already impressive line of interesting and diverse dolls, and it's huge. Turns out, there's room for self-care and mental health in your kids' imaginations, too.

There are several different Barbies in the collection, and they're promoting some sort of healthy activity. There are two "Breathe with Me" meditating Barbies, a gym Barbie, a spa Barbie, a sleep-centered "Wellness Dream" Barbie, mani-pedi Barbie, face mask day-at-the-spa Barbie, and fizzy bathtub Barbies, complete with wraparound towel and deep tub. They are taking many activities that modern science tells us are essential for health, and making them fun and understandable for kids. (Fingers crossed that the Dream Barbie rubs off on many a sleep-averse child.)

I can't wait to get the meditation Barbie. While I am a perpetual failure at meditation, my 8-year-old, Barbie-obsessed daughter actually meditates, and has for a few years. In fact, her favorite book right now is Zara's Big Messy Day, by Rebekah Borucki, and it's all about a little girl using meditation to zone out during a frustrating day. When I showed my little one a picture of the Breathe with Me Barbie, she lost it. I'm sure in no time that Barbie will be chanting "In with the good stuff, out with the big brother," just like my girl.


Personally, I'm here for the gym rat Barbie. She's got a great outfit, a fantastic bag, and apparently, whatever gym she belongs to, allows you to bring your dog. Judging by that alone, I'm going to say that she goes to Crossfit. Barbie is hardcore and I love it. The most relatable of this group is obviously bubble bath Barbie. Can you even millennial if you don't have at least one Insta of a candlelit bathtub? (Not pictured: shower beer and screaming children just outside door who seem to have forgotten their other parent.)

The spa and mani-pedi Barbies are goal Barbies, too. They look so carefree, so healthy. I imagine my kids pretending they're just living their best dang life, with their partners watching the kids and canines, and they are prioritizing their self-care with a fresh coat of shellac and some charcoal action.

So many of the previous Barbie iterations were focused around whatever job Barbie had that week. And while I am here for zoologist Barbie and Judge Barbie, even they need to take a breather. This new line will be available spring 2020, and the prices range from $14.99 to $29.99. I'm just in love — the Barbie wellness collection is providing kids a little help for their imagination, and showing them that you have to put the oxygen mask on your own face first. And they don't even need to sell kids an essential oil steam bath to do it. Pretty amazing, if you ask me.