The New 'Friends' Igloo Cooler Is Perfect For One Joey-Sized Meal

Joey doesn't share his food, but I certainly do — especially during picnics. That's why I love that the new Friends Igloo cooler is big enough to hold 30 cans... or maybe just one Joey-sized meal. Sure, you might not be a trained chef like Monica, but you know how to throw a party. This cooler is the perfect way to celebrate both your love of a fun picnic and your love of the show.

The Igloo Friends Elite Playmate cooler is a full 16 quarts, so in the event your fridge breaks, you don't have to eat everything. (Especially the brown stuff in the jar.) You can save some food for later. It retails for $50, which is a great deal, especially if you need to protect the sandwich that is the only good thing going on in your life. (It was a Thanksgiving leftover sandwich, after all. With a moist maker.)

But seriously, the new Friends Igloo cooler is the perfect size for a day at the beach or a picnic in the park. It's fun and nostalgic, and yes, you're going to get a lot of socially-distanced looks of longing from other people in the park. But really, when you get down to it, it's just darned practical.

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It's the classic drop-top design that makes accessing your food and beverage simple and easy. Plus, having my own 20-year-old Igloo Playmate cooler that still works as efficiently today as it did when I was in middle school, I can tell you that these things can take a serious beating and still come up on the right side of history. And my father absolutely abused the cooler on our boat, filling it with weird blue gel ice packs, and almost allowing it to sink when he didn't realize he knocked it overboard into the high wake zone of the lake. And still, still, that blue and no-longer-white cooler just took it and asked for more. Much like Joey Tribbiani and snacks. That's the kind of staying power you want in a product. It will last way longer than any of Ross's relationships, and you'll be glad for it.