The 'Frozen 2' vanity is the perfect size for your little one to play and pretend.

OK, Even *I* Want To Braid My Hair Like Elsa's In Front Of This 'Frozen 2' Vanity

Whether you are in the business of early holiday shopping or simply want to treat a special kid in your life, there's a Frozen product for that. After all, with the release of Frozen 2 on the horizon (Nov. 22), the hype to score some new Frozen gear is amped up, perhaps, more than ever. Which is why it would be a shame if this new Frozen 2 vanity didn't make it on your list of possibilities when deciding on a gift to buy. After all, it's basically the furniture piece your little one has been waiting for.

It's true. In addition to hair accessories and styling pieces, the ice blue vanity comes complete with opening doors that, when opened, show scenes from Frozen (think Arendelle and lots of Elsa and Anna) reflected on the mirror. The vanity also plays songs from Frozen and Frozen 2, so, yeah, you need it.

I mean — it's tough to resist for the Frozen lover in your life, right? You can find it at mass retailers everywhere, including Target, Walmart, Kohl's, and Amazon. It's just big enough for your kid to feel like it's their very own vanity, but it won't take up a huge chunk of their bedroom space either. Plus, that blue is a pretty perfect color.

If this vanity simply isn't the one for you, then you can also check out this Pretend N' Play Frozen Vanity, which features a pop-up table that, like the Enchanted Ice Vanity, also includes a play center with movable parts that will give your child everything they need for an afternoon of Frozen make-believe fun.

If you want to go all out, then consider pairing a Frozen vanity with fun accessories, like this Frozen Princess Elsa Dress Up Set, which includes a crown, wand, and clip-in braid like Elsa's.

This handmade set from ChloeStudio on Etsy is also adorable and includes a bracelet and necklace that your little Elsa or Anna is sure to love. The pieces can be purchased separately (starting at $4) or as a full set ($48).

OK, and these Frozen-inspired bows made to look like Olaf, Anna's dress, and Elsa's dress are the cutest flipping accessories ever. Slip them into the vanity drawer for a fun surprise. The bows — made by Etsy's EmporiumOnMain — can be purchased separately ($8) or as a set of three ($23).

Then again, if a full blown vanity isn't in the cards for you right now — whether it's due to space or budget — then you might want to check out this Frozen mirror and set of four kid-safe lip glosses in a variety of colors.

And if you want to keep the primping-for-kids theme in mind, you should check out this Frozen pedicure set, which includes Elsa and Anna flip flops, four nail polish colors, a buffer and file, and toe separators.

And, really, all of this is just proof that Frozen — yes, Elsa, Anna, and Olaf, too — has your little one covered when it comes to discovering the top items you want to add to a birthday or holiday (or both!) list.

Because there's a pretty good chance they aren't going to "let it go" when it comes to their love for the film in the near future, am I right?