The New 'Incredibles 2' Trailer Is Here & It's Full Of Epic, Yet Relatable Parenting Moments

Back in 2004, audiences fell in love with The Incredibles. And what wasn't to love? An average family navigating their hectic life with three kids, on top of the fact that everyone happened to have secret super powers. The movie was a winning combination of relatability and action. Now, 14 years later, fans are in for another dose of the quirky, but lovable, Parr family. The new Incredibles 2 trailer has officially dropped, and seriously, make way for some epic parenting moments.

But before we get to that, allow me to refresh your memory. To an outsider, the Parrs seemed like a typical family of five. There was the family matriarch, Elastigirl, who had the ability to stretch her body and limbs long distances, according to Quora.com. And there was Mr. Incredible, who boasted super strength. Together, these former superheroes had three children and ultimately settled down in a suburban lifestyle. Since the family's powers made them different, the Parr children — Violet, who could produce force fields and turn invisible; Dash, who had the power of super speed; and Jack-Jack, who can shape-shift, among other pretty *incredible* abilities — were encouraged to hide their special powers from the rest of the world.

Take a walk down memory lane with me, with this original trailer:

Which brings us to the brand-new peek at Incredibles 2. Judging by the teaser trailer — which was just released on Wednesday evening, according to Cosmopolitan — the long-awaited sequel will feature plenty of superhero parenting moments. And honestly, they aren't so different from us average folks.

So what can we expect from the second installment of The Incredibles storyline? Everything pretty much picks up exactly where it left off in the first movie — with the Parrs battling The Underminer. As The Verge reported, the sequel will focus on Elastigirl as she pursues her rekindled career as a superhero. Former primary breadwinner Mr. Incredible, on the other hand, will get a crash course in his new role as a stay-at-home dad to super-baby Jack-Jack.

In the trailer itself, we're treated to a number of typical parenting moments – like Mr. Incredible falling asleep while reading a bedtime story to his baby. To which Jack-Jack taps him on the head and the exhausted dad startles and keeps going. (I feel you, Mr. Incredible; parenting is exhausting.)

We also get a glimpse of the Parr family dealing with the frustrations of homework — particularly, struggling over the new-fangled way kids are taught to do math these days,

And how relatable is this? Kids repeating the weird stuff they hear on TV, but in a slightly out-of-context way.

"Superheroes are illegal," Elastigirl reminds her family.

"We want to fight bad guys!" Dash protests. "It defines who I am."

Mr. Incredible begins, "Look, we're not saying you have ... what?!"

"Someone on TV said it," Dash shrugs.

"That's not the way you're supposed to do it, dad. They want us to do it this way."

"I don't know that way. Why would they change math. Math is math! MATH IS MATH!"

YES, so this. (I'm pretty much screwed when my kids are old enough to learn this new and incredibly confusing way of math.) Along with this epic new trailer, Pixar shared the following movie poster via Instagram. "Don't mix your delicates with your indestructibles ..." LOL.

In other Incredibles 2 news, a 10-second teaser for Incredibles 2 was also released earlier this week, Cosmopolitan reported. This Olympic-inspired clip featured Jack-Jack obliterating a curling stone with his powers.

Welp, I know what my family will be doing sometime in June. Granted, I'm a terrible parent and my kids have yet to see the original movie — I'll get on that ASAP, I promise. — but seeing Incredibles 2 is definitely on our short list of must-do activities during summer break. I can't wait!

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