LEGO's New DOTS Are 2D Tiles Kids Can Use To Decorate Surfaces & Get Creative

LEGO is already making waves in 2020 with the new LEGO Dots that will be available starting on March 1. It sounds simple enough, but LEGO is completely flipping the script on their beloved block toys by introducing their first ever two-dimensional toy.

The new LEGO Dots are flat shapes that can be affixed to multiple art and jewelry accessories, fueling a child's creative energy, and encouraging self-expression. The kits come in several different options, and they're all really affordable. There are the photo cubes, bracelets, jewelry holders, pencil holders, and picture frames, and nothing is over $15. As someone who has spent hundreds of dollars on LEGO sets, I can't tell you how exciting this is.

They look a little like a Tangrams puzzle that you might have played with as a child, but instead of trying to fit odd shapes in a square, kids can design and re-design with the new Lego Dots to their heart's delight. As is the case in all things Lego, everything is easily re-positionable. There will also be over 30 mood tiles, including facial expressions, music notes, cosmic planets, star nights, and paw prints.

I have no doubt that this addition to the LEGO family will be a massive success. So much of LEGO is built around projects that take a protracted period of time and patience, and truly, not all of us are so inclined. Personally, as a child, this would have been much more up my alley than spending hours on one building. I was the one who was always ready with hand-designed construction paper cutouts for each and every one of my siblings' LEGO masterpieces. This wearable, artistic LEGO? I am all for it. And because science has found that kids really do well with open-ended play, LEGO honed in on that science with this new product. I'm here for it.

But mostly, I'm just here for the rainbow bracelets.