Courtesy of Anne Vorrasi

Your Kid's Going To Think That This Rainbow Unicorn Vet Set Is The Best Toy Ever

My two kiddos are in a huge unicorn phase right now so when I heard about the new Rainglow Unicorn Vet toy, which made its debut at this year's International Toy Fair, I had to get all the details. The annual Toy Fair in New York tends to be where the hottest new toy trends and products for the upcoming year are announced, and one of them is sure to be this plush interactive unicorn set.

The adorable Rainglow Unicorn Vet toy, the newest addition to Moose Toys' Little Live line, has got a lot going on. The plush toy — which is designed for kids ages 2 through 7, and priced at $60, according to a brand representative — combines the dreaminess of unicorns with the care-taking skills of a veterinarian play set. The idea is that the unicorn isn't feeling well and it's up to your child, the "vet," to tend to it and take it from 'sick' to 'normal' to 'happy.'

So, how does your child know when the unicorn is under the weather? That's where the cool part comes in. The unicorn's horn lights up and features 40 sounds and reactions to let your kiddo know exactly how it's doing. When Rainglow's horn turns red, it means it's sick (oh no!). When the magical creature is feeling better, its horn glows a different, more soothing color, and is accompanied by happy sound effects.

There are several fun accessories included in the vet kit for your child to use to get Rainglow smiling again, including a 'furmometer' (to check for fever), some 'unidrops', glittery dream cream (for scrapes), a magical bandage, and, of course, a 'sparkle scope.' It wouldn't be a vet kit without a stethoscope, and this one is perfect for hearing how Rainglow's heartbeat is sounding.

Not only is this toy majorly interactive, it's also good for promoting things like empathy and compassion in your child, thanks to its veterinarian component. “Children learn that animals have needs, and they learn about the important role humans play in taking care of them," explained Meg Davis, a KinderCare Curriculum Editor speaking on the company website about the importance of caring for a "sick" stuffed animal.

I know from my personal experience, whenever I step back and watch my two daughters play doctor or veterinarian with their loveys, I marvel at how nurturing and tender they seem. It's during those moments that I feel most confident that they're going to grow up to be kind and emotionally intelligent beings.

That's exactly why the Rainglow toy seems worth its somewhat high price tag. If playing vet with a pretend unicorn is going to help your child develop empathy for animals and people in his or her real-life orbit, then all the power to it.

While the Rainglow Unicorn Vet toy won't hit shelves until August, you can start teaching them about what veterinarians do for a profession in the meantime, so they're totally primed to take care of this sparkly, rainbow-furred pet when you're able to bring it home this summer.