The New 'Sesame Street' TOMS Are Perfect For Sunny Days Sweeping The Clouds Away

I love TOMS shoes. Their ease of wear, machine washability, and commitment to giving back make them an essential part of my wardrobe. I feel the same love about Sesame Street, but for slightly different reasons. The show was an essential part of my childhood, and became invaluable for my children. It's the kind of progressive-thinking sweet show that I can't imagine a world without, and now my two favorites are working together to make the world a little bit more sunny and kind with the new Sesame Street TOMS collaboration that make me want to dance like Bert.

The shoes aren't just for children and toddlers either. Nope — they've got shoes for grown-ups as well. What, you think you're too cool for Cookie Monster blue shearling shoes? I assure you that none of us are too cool for those shoes. They are the antidote to all that is negative and crappy in this world and when you buy them, TOMS gives a pair of shoes to someone in need. Sure, they're not the easiest shoes to pair with an outfit, but for jeans and a tee shirt, they're perfection. As for the kids' TOMS? It's probably best if you buy multiple pairs now, because they're going to try to wear them well past the point where they've outgrown them.

I have my eye on the Elmo classics in the new Sesame Street TOMS shoes line, because I can get a matching pair for my daughter. How adorable is that? It's the best kind of mommy and me matching set because it celebrates your favorite childhood show and also gives back. The line was created to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the classic show, and literally all of your favorites are represented. I seriously can't with this mix-and-match Bert and Ernie pair.

Although, real talk for a minute. I have a bit of a bone to pick with Sesame Street. When I was little, Mr. Snuffleupagus was an imaginary friend of Big Bird. As in only Big Bird could see him. I loved that because as a strangely dramatic child prone to fits of fancy, I had many an imaginary friend. Something happened in the intervening years between my childhood and my children being born, and it's been bothering me. At some point, Snuffie became real? Everyone can see and interact with Snuffie, the giant woolly mammoth-like creature that taught Big Bird some serious life lessons through imaginary play. I'm kind of glad TOMS doesn't have any Snuffie shoes because I might be a bit bitter over the change.

One thing that is real, and always has been, is that kids will make messes. That's another big reason why I love TOMS shoes. They're machine washable. Yes, you'll have to pre-treat the dirtiest parts and wash them on gentle cycle, but it is doable, and it works a treat. My son was especially hard on his TOMS, and his favorite red canvas pair had to be washed multiple times due to him getting them just absolutely filthy.

Whether you're getting a pair of Big Bird slip-ons (Snuffie not included) or you're getting your child a pair of TOMS emblazoned with their favorite muppet, you'll likely adore the new Sesame Street TOMS shoes. They're going to sell out fast, so stock up while you can. Pro-tip: they're the perfect travel shoe, and they fit neatly in the side pockets of your overnight bag. Just wrap them in a dishcloth and throw them in for an easy and versatile shoe that won't take up as much space. Regardless if you're taking them to New York City or next door, these shoes are too cute to pass up.