Hello, Twix Has Created The Perfect Way To Dip Your Candy Into Coffee & It's GENIUS

Have you ever looked at your morning coffee and thought to yourself, "This is truly manna from the gods, but it could be improved with some chocolatey caramel goodness"? I know I have. Thankfully, the folks at Mars Chocolates understood this, and they've designed a device that will take your morning coffee (or hot chocolate) to new heights. The new Twix Meltdown lets you hold your candy bar in your hot beverage until the chocolate and caramel are melted, leaving only the cookie behind.

If you're someone who likes to dunk cookies and treats into your coffee and cocoa, you already understand the dilemma of melting chocolate on your fingers, and cookies that become too soggy and drip off into the cup before you can pull them out. It's a real problem. There must be balance between all of the actors for it all to work out. For cookies that are covered in chocolate, there's just no good way to hold it in your coffee until the chocolate melts into the bitter brew before your fingers are covered in chocolate, and you've embarrassed yourself in the Monday meeting — again. The new Twix Meltdown acts as a barrier between your hands and your Twix bar so that you get the chocolate in your coffee, and your hands stay clean.

As per the press release, this new product is designed "to celebrate this tasty union of enjoying a Twix and coffee together" and "is unveiling the extremely limited-edition Twix Meltdown via the Twix Instagram handle — a first-of-its-kind product that allows fans to place a Left Twix or Right Twix into any cup of hot coffee and pull out just the cookie, leaving them with a chocolatey, caramely Twix coffee. The brand expects the Twix Meltdown to be the greatest thing to happen to coffee since the coffee bean."

I'm inclined to agree. Sure, you can have a mocha caramel coffee just about anywhere, but you know that there is something pure magic about the caramel and chocolate found in a Twix bar. The combination is especially potent and buttery, and just imagining that with a hot cup of coffee has me anticipating long weekends whiling away the hours, reading a book and dunking my Twix bars into piping hot coffee. Because, let's face it, there is nothing more relaxing than a weekend spent on the sofa with a good book, a good cup of joe, and a little bit of a treat.

Mars will be giving away this extremely limited edition Twix Meltdown to us greedy chocolate lovers starting on April 25. To enter for a chance to win, Twix lovers can follow Twix on Instagram.

This new Twix Meltdown isn't just good for the classic flavor of milk chocolate caramel Twix. Imagine a peanut butter Twix dunked in bittersweet hot cocoa, or a triple chocolate Twix swirled in unctuous Turkish coffee with a side of sesame covered simit bread. Personally, I really want to try the white chocolate caramel Twix bar in a vat of English Breakfast or plain black tea that's been given a splash of milk. (Preferably Harney and Sons or PG Tips, but I am picky.)

The Twix family all goes together so well you'd think they were Targaryen relations. (Too soon?) They're practically perfect for any time of day, and personally, I am not opposed to dunking a dark chocolate Twix bar in my Irish Coffee late at night as I sit back and watch Game of Thrones with my husband. If you're being honest with yourself, your mouth just watered, didn't it? It's OK, the new Twix meltdown has that effect on all of us.