'The Nightmare Before Christmas' Operation game is a dream for Jack Skellington fans.

'The Nightmare Before Christmas' Operation Game Lets You See Inside Ooogie Boogie

by Cat Bowen
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As the world's biggest fan of Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas, I already have an obscene amount of merch. I mean, I have the plates, the wine glasses, and all the plushes and blankets, but this Nightmare Before Christmas Operation game? By all the gods of crossover holiday movies, I am buying it.

Available at Shop Disney for $29.99, the game allows players to finally see all that is happening under Ooogie Boogie's burlap body. In the film, we get a glimpse of the horrors beneath his glowing ectoplasmic fabric, but with the game, you get to extract all the bats, bones, and bugs from his creepy cotton bod. Granted, you're going to have to be extremely careful, or else he'll scream, and you know what happens when he screams — Santa sees his life dance before his eyes. It's too close to Christmas for us to be messing with St. Nick's health, and with the COVID crisis, he's already at risk given his age and general eating habits. (So many cookies. So much milk.) So, use those forceps carefully, OK? OK. Because Oogie Boogie doesn't have a wishbone, he has a set of crossed bones, and none of us need to disrupt that right now.

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The game itself is really neat in its design. It has 12 removable body parts unique to Oogie Boogie, five custom sounds from the film, and the game also has custom "Doctor" and "Specialist" cards to be used to determine a player's particular skill level.

This can be a fun game to play with your kids, and gives us all a little more quality time beyond screens. They'll get into it, get creative and competitive, and generally have a great time. Plus it's a classic game, spruced up by a cult-favorite, beloved movie. What could be better?

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