This Trailer Has Me So Pumped To Watch 'No Good Nick' On Netflix

"No one sees the perfect con coming, especially inside their own home," a young girl says in the opening of the No Good Nick trailer, as menacing music plays in the background. The girl's name is Nick, and she's played by Siena Agudong and she has a secret or two. Fans will find out what it is when the show premieres on Netflix April 15. But before anyone learns anything, she's going to fool some people, including Melissa Joan Hart and Sean Astin, who play an unsuspecting couple (Liz and Ed Thompson) that let the 13-year-old into their home and around their own kids before realizing she's dangerous.

Deadline describes the show as a sitcom with "an added element of serialized drama" which confuses me because nothing about the trailer seems funny, it just makes me anxious. To be fair, the trailer is only just over a minute long, so the jury is still out on where the belly laughs come in. But no matter how you describe the show, it's an exciting addition and according to Deadline, the family show is another deliberate step Netflix is taking toward producing programming that has TGIF vibes. First was Fuller House, and now there is a sitcom staring everyone's favorite teenage witch — Hart.

Hart is a mom now, but that doesn't mean she relates to her character Liz at all. "In this role, I actually have to go against my normal instincts for parenting, and sometimes Liz does something that completely goes against what I would do — like we just did a scene where I had to tell my daughter, ‘If you want to be a winner, you have to be ruthless," Hart recently told People.

Hart said Liz is "a lot more selfish, and not quite as nurturing, as I’d like to think I am.” But she recognizes that every parent has those moments. You know the ones. Hart says, "I have my moments where I lose it, and scream and yell, you know, when you’re tired and your kids are bugging you," she explained to People.

Jemal Countess/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In another interview, Hart told the magazine her kids know just how to get under her skin in public. “When they can’t get my attention they will yell out ‘Melissa Joan Hart’ because they know I don’t like to be recognized at airports or restaurants." It might be annoying, but it's also kind of funny — they're smart boys!

Her costar Astin jokes that he often sees his own life play out in scripts. "Something will happen in Astin-world — cell phones or homework or some activity — and when I get the next script, bam … it’s in there," he told the People. "I’ll go to Christine [Harrell], my wife, and show her the scene or the line of dialogue and say, ‘Did you tell them I just said that? That’s not cool. You’ve got to check with me before throwing me under the bus.’"


Speaking of throwing people under buses, it seems like Nick might be at the Thompson house for revenge. "Justice doesn't always get served the way you pictured," she laughs at the end of the trailer, holding up a Thompson family portrait that she's pasted herself into. She's obviously at the Thompson house on a mission, but whether she completes it as planned is anyone's guess. Perhaps she gets closer to the family than she expects. That would be heartwarming wouldn't it? A con artist with a conscience.