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Ian Alexander Wants 'The OA' To Get A Season 2

(Warning: this post contains spoilers from The OA Episode 8.) If you've finished binge watching Netflix's new sci-fi drama, The OA, then you're probably already desperately wishing for a second season. Thankfully, Romper had the opportunity to interview Ian Alexander, who plays Buck on the show, and he was able to shed a little light on some Season 2 clues about The OA that helps gives me high hopes we'll eventually be getting a much-deserved second season renewal.

The first season ended with a bit of a cliffhanger and honestly I'm not sure I fully understand what even happened. The last thing fans saw was watching the main character, Prairie, get shot when she tried to help Buck, Steve, and her other new friends who were at the high school when a shooter showed up. Prairie was taken away in an ambulance and then woke up in a place of white and exclaimed, "Homer," the name of the man she fell in love with while she was in captivity. So is she dead? Did she reach the other dimension? Was she an angel all along? According to Alexander, the moment is very open to interpretation.

"I personally believe [Prairie's] story," the 15-year-old actor says. "I have all the similarities with my character, Buck. I think we both wholeheartedly believe her. But it really is open to interpretation. It's how the viewers want to see it." However, just like the rest of us, Alexander hopes we get to see what happens next in Prairie's story. "I certainly believe there's a lot more to the story that needs to be told," he states. "So I really hope we do get picked up for the next season."

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Unfortunately, Alexander wasn't able to confirm if there will be a second season of The OA, but he did say that the creators and directors — Brit Marling, who also plays Prairie, and Zal Batmanglij — definitely have a lot more planned for the show. However, if it did have to end with just the first season, Alexander said he believed it could, even though he hopes it doesn't.

As for Buck's future in the second season, Alexander's hoping the show will delve more into his personal story. "There's a lot of subtle stuff that points to Buck's personal life and I hope that gets expanded more in the second season," Alexander explains. "I'd love to see a lot more background and characterization for Buck." As do I.

Here's hoping The OA comes back for Season 2. I still have so many questions and would love to see where these characters will go from here.