Order This Chinese Dish, & The Milk Will Flow

New moms are often told that breastfeeding is easy and convenient. And, to some degree, it is. You don't have to spend money on formula or worry about making a bottle at 2 a.m.. But when people tout breastfeeding, they sometimes forget to tell moms about the challenges and stresses that come along with it. One major source of anxiety for breastfeeding moms is keeping their milk supply up. If you're hoping to give your production a bump, you may be interested in the one Chinese food order to increase milk supply.

Eating certain foods to bolster your milk supply isn't just an old wives' tale— there's actually some science behind it. The American Pregnancy Association noted that herbs and foods that help increase how much milk you make are called galactagoges. According to Belly Belly, one such breastmilk boosting food is almonds. That's why I'd test out a dish called chicken almond ding, which I found on the menu at multiple Chinese restaurants in my neighborhood. (Tip: if you use Seamless or any other online food delivery service, you can easily search for the ingredient you want and see how many dishes pop up.)

A Chinese food dish like chicken almond ding may also come with a free side of rice. Breastfeeding Support noted that rice is another galactagoge recommended in the book The Breastfeeding Mother's Guide to Making More Milk. And on top of that, some recipes for the dish include garlic— another milk booster according to Baby Center. You really can't beat up to three galactagoges for the price of one. Some Chinese places even feature almond cookies, so you can follow up your entree with a milk boosting dessert.

Do you really need to increase your supply, though? Many moms who fear they have a low milk supply don't actually need to worry, according to Kelly Mom. What To Expect noted that how much you pump or how full your breasts feel are not good ways to judge your milk supply. If your baby seems satisfied after nursing and they're peeing and pooping enough, your supply is probably fine. If you think you do need some help, however, Breastfeeding Today suggested speaking with a lactation consultant or your local La Leche League to figure out the best ways to get your supply on track.