The One Creepiest Thing About You, Based On Your Chinese Zodiac Sign

People — all people — contain multitudes to their personality. There are things about them that might be admirable, things that might be embarrassing, things that might be surprising, and, yes, even things that might be creepy. Your Chinese zodiac sign, dictated by the year in which you were born, can potentially give you some insight into different parts of your personality, helping to explain why you (or others) are the way that you are. The one creepiest thing about you, based on your Chinese zodiac sign, might be something you'd be interested in knowing more about, because it can sometimes be quite difficult for people to see creepy or other potentially less-than-stellar traits about themselves without them first being pointed out by someone else. Knowing your creepiest trait, which other people might be able to see even if you can't, might allow you to keep it in check a little bit more, or, at least, be aware of what's going on or what kind of affect you might be having on others.

Though your Chinese zodiac sign, like other zodiac signs, might not be able to tell you all there is to know about your personality (and it tells you even less if it's something that you don't really believe in), it's fun to know what parts of you might be linked to when you were born. The creepiest personality trait is different, person to person, but your Chinese zodiac sign might just give you some insight.



"The Rat is a very intelligent sign, and tends to be extremely resourceful," Laurent Langlais, an international consultant who specializes in Chinese astrology and Feng Shui, tells Romper by email. "Give them a problem to solve and you’ll make them happy."

That being said, they can withdraw into negative self-talk, Langlais says, because the water sign symbolizes winter's chill. If you're a Rat and think that your negative self-talk is interfering with your life, you should seek help from a therapist, if you are able to do so.



For the always put-together Ox, who prizes organization and structure, things can get a little bit creepier as they try to seize more and more control over what's going on.

Langlais says that an Ox can get controlling, making it difficult for those around them, particularly if you're not as disciplined and exacting as they are.

"In Chinese astrology, this is explained because the Ox contains a lot of metal: it helps them to think but can also bring obsessive thoughts," he explains.



Those who are Tigers are driven and brave, which isn't a bad thing, in and of itself, but when they face obstacles, things can get ugly.

"Their creepy factor is therefore that they can be out for blood to reach their goals (figure of speech, but still!)," Langlais says. "They are not the cunning type; but rather fierce and can display real aggressiveness and even violence when they feel it is justified. This is because the Tiger sign contains both the wood and fire elements that can feed each other into an explosive anger."



Though Rabbits can be the life of the party, there can also be some darkness to their ways. "They can have a real taste for hedonism, up to the point where they don’t want to be limited in their sexual fantasies," Langlais says. "Some of the Hollywood stars that were exposed in the #MeToo campaign had a 'rabbit problem' in their astrology."

Of course, many Rabbits will certainly not commit related crimes.



Dragons can be both carefree and laid-back and, well, the opposite of that. And a swing to the more forceful part of their personality happen without much warning, particularly if they're feeling threatened.

"They can then use their fire to roast anyone standing in their way, and then go back to their slumber like nothing really happened," Langlais says. "Surprisingly, the Dragon is not associated with the fire element in Chinese astrology. Rather, it contains earth and water: two elements that go against each other. One is about control and calm, the other about emotions free flowing."



Perhaps unsurprisingly, Snakes can be extremely cunning and vindictive. "They can devise endless schemes and plots on months or even years to get where they want to be," Langlais says. "If they consider you an enemy, you will see that revenge is a dish that they will best serve you cold someday. Those tendencies are due to the fact that the Snake sign works with the opposite energies of fire and metal: the fire feed their ambition and the metal help them to devise plans."

Ambition can absolutely be a good thing, but in some cases, the way you go about achieving what you hoped can bring out a darker, creepier side.



Langlais says that Horses in the Chinese zodiac are akin to Lions in solar astrology. So it makes sense that this sign can be quite unpredictable and spontaneous, impulsive even. Though this can, of course, be seen as a strength at times, it can also cross over to creepiness.

"Their strong emotions can get the best out of them and they can then kick you hard, and leave you on the floor," Langlais adds. "Like the Tiger sign, this explosive nature is linked to the fire element that the Horse contains and work with. In Chinese astrology, the Tiger, Horse and Dog form what is known as the fire frame."



Goats are often one with nature, Langlais says, which makes them environmentally-conscious, but the other side of that trait is that it can similarly give them a "...a disdain toward society or even civilization," he adds. The Goats in your life may withdraw, which can sometimes make them come off as creepy to others.



Monkeys, again perhaps unsurprisingly, can keep people laughing, but they can sometimes have a tendency to laugh at you, not with you. "The Monkeys that have difficult charts can become mean-spirited, or even downright stalkers," Langlais says. "Their sense of fun can them become very different from what is socially acceptable. There is a manipulative and cruel side to their personality when they go down that road."



Roosters can have a tendency to be somewhat glamorous and they quite like getting some attention, Langlais says. This can also play into the creepier part of your personality. "They then think the whole world should revolve around them, and are shocked when it doesn’t," Langlais explains. "They can lose themselves in retail therapy and forget to better themselves beyond the satisfaction of their ego."

Belief in your abilities and knowing that you do things well isn't a bad thing, but when it crosses over into blind belief that you're the best at all you do, things get a little more complicated.



As you probably already know, dogs have quite the reputation for friendship and loyalty. The same is true of the Dog in Chinese astrology. They, too, can be creepy, however.

Langlais says that this sign has a tendency to become aggressive when they've been provoked or hurt in some way and that it can be very difficult to anticipate this reaction. That's not good.



To Pigs, there's no problem that can't somehow be solved, even if you need to think outside of the box in order to do so. Langlais says that while Pigs are quite smart, they can also lapse into laziness. "They can basically become lazy and too hedonistic, and indulge in all sorts of pleasure rather than do their work," he explains. "The further they progress in that direction, the less responsibilities they assume in their life, including to their own family."

Though laziness and indulgence may seem like things that fall very low on the creepiness scale, they're surely frustrating to those around Pigs after awhile.