This Hidden Detail From The 'Stranger Things' Season 2 Finale Will Melt Your Heart

The second season of Stranger Things was filled with a lot of emotional moments, and if you're like me, you probably cried a few times throughout your binge. While there were certainly big moments that had me feeling all kinds of, well, feelings, there was also a smaller moment that made me actually tear up, especially when it came to anything involving Hopper and Eleven's relationship. And this one detail you missed in the Stranger Things Season 2 finale will definitely melt your heart.

During the finale, all the kids finally made their way to the Snow Ball. If you don't recall, in the Season 1 finale, Mike asked Eleven to go with him to the Snow Ball, as he struggled to explain that he liked her as more than a friend. Thus, seeing them at the Snow Ball together was a moment many fans had been waiting for, and it was totally worth the wait.

Mike exchanged the duo's favorite adjective (pretty) for beautiful to describe how incredible Eleven looked for the dance. He then asked her to dance, and, of course, Eleven didn't know how, but that was OK because neither did Mike. Then the awkward middle school dance commenced, as Eleven wrapped her arms around Mike's neck and they started to sway. It was during their dance that some fans may have noticed a certain blue bracelet on Eleven's wrist.

Previously, it was Hopper who always wore this blue item on his wrist, in memory of his daughter Sara Hopper, who died of cancer at a young age. The bracelet used to be Sara's old hair tie. The fact that Hopper gave the bracelet to Eleven is a clear sign of just how much of a daughter she is to him.

Throughout Season 2, Hopper fully stepped into the dad role for Eleven. It was he who found her in the forest and brought her to the cabin in the woods to keep her safe from the "bad men." Although Hopper may have been a bit overprotective, everything he did came out of love for Eleven. The two clearly formed a bond and though they definitely had their disagreements (i.e. that telekinetic tantrum), they totally have each other's back. Hopper is the parental figure Eleven so desperately needs, and in the finale he officially became her dad.

Earlier in the finale, when Hopper and Eleven returned to the lab to put an end to the Upside Down once and for all, they ran into Dr. Owens, who'd clearly gotten into a fight with a demodog. Hopper remarked that Dr. Owens should be thankful that Eleven was there to save them all, and maybe he should think about that when everything was over and let Eleven lead a normal life. It appeared Dr. Owens took these words to heart, because prior to the Snow Ball, he met with Hopper and gave him a birth certificate for "Jane Hopper." This season it was confirmed that Eleven was Terry Ives daughter, Jane, and it appears that Dr. Owens was able to fudge some documents so it says Hopper is Eleven's father.

Thus, Eleven now has a very real identity and can live a regular life like a regular kid. Most importantly though, this makes Hopper her legal father/guardian, which means their father-daughter relationship is no longer figurative, but literal. These two are a perfect match for each other, as they've both experienced loss, though in very different ways. They've grown to need each other and rely on one another — and while Eleven will always have her friends, it's good that she has an adult in her life she can always count on. It'll be exciting to see how this father-daughter duo fares in Season 3.

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