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Eat This During The First Trimester For Baby's Benefit

When you're pregnant, your body often craves weird combinations of sweet food, salty food, and everything in between. But for a mom-to-be, it's more important than ever to watch what you eat during those critical nine months. Because during this time, your baby relies on you for all of the nutrients she needs for growth and development. So before you make your next trip to the grocery store, you should know the one food you need to eat during your first trimester. And, the good news is, it's probably something you already eat on a regular basis.

Besides being delicious, yogurt is a great source of vitamin D and calcium — both of which are extremely important to you and baby, according to Babble. As Fit Pregnancy mentioned, dairy foods are a crucial component of a mother's first trimester diet because they do double duty: protecting mom's bones and teeth while aiding in the development of baby's.

But if the idea of eating a cup of Yoplait every morning sounds totally boring, don't worry. There are plenty of tasty and creative ways to incorporate yogurt into your diet. It can fill in for mayo on your favorite sandwich or blend with fruit for a protein-packed smoothie, as Parents recommended. And for those who are lactose intolerant, yogurt is a great alternative to downing a glass of milk. Because as Baby Center mentioned, it includes active cultures that can make it easier to digest.

So exactly how much yogurt do you need to eat to make a difference? As Baby Center mentioned, moms-to-be should include at least 1,000 milligrams of calcium in their diets each day, which is the equivalent of three to four servings. To put things in perspective, one serving is equal to one cup of yogurt.

Whether it's a parfait for breakfast, or as a sweet frozen treat, adding yogurt to your first trimester diet will help both you and your growing baby.