The One Holiday Slow Cooker Recipe That'll Impress Your Guests Every Time

There’s something about Christmas dinner that screams meat. Obviously this isn’t the case if you’re vegan or vegetarian (and if you are, there are plenty of options out there). But if you’re putting together a carnivorous Christmas dinner, you’ll want to find that one awesome meat dish that serves as a centerpiece to the meal (and the perfect companion to any and all delicious accompanying sides). Why not make it a holiday slow cooker recipe that’s easy-peasy in addition to completely, totally mind-blowingly yummy?

We know that your slow cooker has the power to make your holiday hassle-free, and with all the stress surrounding the season, you might as well take advantage of it. That's why this slow cooker corned beef dish from Damn Delicious is so perfect. You can literally set it and forget it while you tend to your decorating, baking, and gift-wrapping. And when you're ready, you'll have a hearty main dish waiting for you and your family to enjoy. This is also a great option if you're hosting a holiday for two, as it prepares an entree and some sides in one pot. All you need is a dessert and bottle of wine an you're good to go!

Now, if you’re not used to buying a hunk of meat, beef brisket is easy enough to obtain at your local meat market or even the supermarket. If you’re buying from a butcher, just tell him or her what your plan is so that they can pick out the perfect cut to achieve your holiday goal. If you’re shopping at the supermarket, the two key elements to look for are the grade (USDA Prime is the quality you’re looking for; next up is Choice) and the marbling (the fat content that looks like white, curvy streaks; you’ll want more of it to help make your beef super tender and delicious.)

But the secret weapon in this recipe (other than your slow cooker, of course) is pickling spice. As the name suggests, it’s used for making pickles, but add it to your slow-cooked brisket and you’ve got the tart, signature flavor of corned beef. Pick up some pre-made pickling spice or go the distance and make your own. Then throw in some hearty veggies (Damn Delicious suggests potatoes and carrots) and you will seriously have a meal ready after it all cooks up in the crock pot. While it’s cooking, you can concentrate on one or two other sides, or your dessert, or you can do the dishes or set the table… the point is, you’ll have time on your hands while the corned beef is cooking up; enough time to make sure everything’s ready at the same time as your showstopping holiday entree.

Images: Damn Delicious (3)