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The One 'Jessica Jones' Easter Egg You Totally Missed While Watching Season 2

Warning: major Season 2 spoilers ahead! Just when you think you have a good handle on Jessica Jones' life, another detail from her past pops up and completely blows your mind. I'm referring, of course, to the fact that Jessica's mom, Alisa Jones, has been alive this entire time. It was a game-changing revelation and Episode 7 was all about filling in the pieces of her mother's past, such as where the heck she's been this whole time. But there's one Jessica Jones Season 2 easter egg you may have missed within this particular episode that you need to know about.

A majority of the hour was dedicated to catching viewers up on everything Alisa went through since being in that horrific car accident with her family. In fact, her injuries were so extensive that she remained in a coma for five years as her body recovered. She woke up with superhuman strength, just like Jessica but to an even greater extent. She was devastated to learn about her husband and son's deaths, which made her want to reunite with Jessica all the more. When Dr. Karl refused, she managed to escape and went to find her daughter, who was an adult by this point. She also happened to be dating a guy named Stirling, who had big aspirations of one day owning his own club. And he planned to name it Club Alias. Hmmm... where have we heard the word "Alias" before?

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As I'm sure most of you are aware of by now, the name of Jessica's P.I. company is called Alias Investigations. That can't be a coincidence, right? It became obvious throughout the episode how much this guy meant to Jess. She was in love with him and the feeling seemed mutual. However, during her mother's escape from IGH, she overheard Stirling talking with some guys that he owed money to. He promised to get Jess to help them with some other "jobs" they have coming up if it meant they'd forgive his debt. Overcome with anger, Alisa bashed his head into a brick wall. Jessica found his body out there and assumed the men had done it, even though they were long gone by that point.

Based on this information, I believe Jess named her business Alias as a way to pay homage to her former love. His dream wasn't able to come true due to his untimely death, so she made it live on through her own company. It's really pretty sweet when you think about it, if not also a little heartbreaking.

Jessica has never had an easy life. When she wasn't being experimented on by a mysterious organization then she was being mind-controlled by Kilgrave or mourning the death of her parents and brother. So to see her at a time in her life where she had some semblance of happiness was really nice. But then, just like that, it was taken from her. Of course, her mom didn't mean to do what she did. (She loses control of her powers if emotionally provoked.) But the damage was done and forced our beloved vigilante to say goodbye to another person that she loved.

It was also during her time with Stirling that she acquired her iconic leather jacket, which she still wearings on a daily basis. Perhaps that is also an indicator of how much her former beau meant to her. Either way, I feel like I know Jessica a little bit better now and understand a few bits and pieces of what made her into the badass woman she's become.

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