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You Probably Missed This Huge Detail In Beyoncé's Twins Photo

It's been a month since Beyoncé and JAY-Z welcomed their twins, but despite reports about the birth — and a confirmation from her father, Matthew Knowles — official details had largely remained unconfirmed by the couple. But early Friday morning, Beyoncé released the first photo of her twins in an Instagram post, and it was an incredible reveal that was definitely worth the wait. Fans have been freaking out over the pic, which shows newborns Rumi and Sir Carter being held by their mother. But there's one major detail you missed from Beyoncé's twins photo: while the post seems to confirm earlier reports about the infants' names, it could be possible that we still don't actually know for sure what they really are — or, at least, that we may be confused about them for a little while longer.

In addition to gracing the world with the perfect follow-up image to her original, symbolic pregnancy announcement, Queen Bey officially shared the twins' names for the first time, captioning the pic, "Sir Carter and Rumi 1 month today." News of the twins names had already been widely reported, thanks to the fact that the couple had filed paperwork last month to trademark them, according to People. But the wording has also left fans wondering. While it was assumed that the twins' first names were "Sir" and "Rumi," some are now questioning whether Beyoncé was actually telling the world that her children are named "Sir Carter" and "Rumi."

It might seem like a tiny detail — especially given that the photo itself is chock full of meaning and messages ripe for deconstruction. But it's also a distinction that the eagle-eyed Bey Hive was certainly not about to overlook, and many have since taken to Twitter to insist that, pending further clarification, the only right way to refer to Beyoncé and JAY-Z's twins is exactly the way the singer herself has referred to them.

Some have speculated that the caption meant that the couple specifically intend for their baby to be called "Sir Carter," not just "Sir," as previously assumed:

While others are wondering whether the caption was a sign that perhaps Rumi's last name isn't actually Carter. (Maybe she's a Knowles? Or perhaps she's only meant to have one name?)

Confusion aside though, it's clear that the twins' photo reveal has the internet practically rejoicing. Although it didn't seem like anything could possibly top the reaction to Beyoncé's Instagram pregnancy announcement, the unexpected release of the twins' first photo received 700,000 likes within the first half hour, according to The Guardian — despite the fact that it was basically shared in the middle of the night.

And even though the world may actually be more uncertain about the twins' names following Beyoncé's announcement, it's still pretty clear that no matter what their birth certificates say, they're already pop culture royalty:

It's still to be seen whether or not Beyoncé's Instagram post is a sign that more photos and information about the twins are to be expected, or whether this is the singer's way of addressing the speculation over the birth before going silent again. And that means it could still be a while until the world knows for sure exactly what the babies' names really are. But either way, the photo of Beyoncé with the twins has definitely made many fans extremely excited, and even without any further information, the twins' first public photo did not even sort of disappoint.