The One New Year's Resolution Every Mom Should Make

Since becoming a mom, your New Year’s Eve celebration has probably undergone some changes. And that’s not the only aspect of December 31 that’s different. What did your resolutions look like before you had your baby, and what do they look like now? New Year’s resolutions for moms often have a common theme: vowing to take better care of your family. Are you gearing up to swear off screen time and yelling? Have you pledged to spend more quality time with the kids and less time on your smartphone?

Those all sound great. Needless to say, it’s awesome to want to be the best mom. But there’s actually one single resolution that encompasses all of the above, and it might surprise you. It’s all about taking care of yourself. Take exercise, for example. You might love the idea of hitting the gym regularly, but you’re wondering, “How could it make me a better mom?” Well, it’s long been known that physical fitness makes us feel better, but did you know that a 2011 Norwegian study proved that exercise eases anxiety and irritability in women. And less anxiety and less irritability sure sounds like something you’d strive for as a mother.

There are other ways that taking care of yourself translates into taking better care of your family. Have you ever heard the saying, “If mama’s not happy, ain’t nobody happy?” Bearing that in mind, resolve to put aside time for other things that make you feel good. Maybe there’s no scientific evidence that hanging out with your girlfriends makes you a happier, healthier person. Oh wait, there is. An Australian study found that friendship can have a significant effect on your health, both physically and psychologically. So think about that, and then email your mom friends about your next girl's night out. Or look into giving time or money to a cause close to your heart, which has also been proven to make you feel good, according to the Huffington Post.

Your resolutions don’t have to be difficult to keep in order to be worthwhile. Keep them simple, but try making them about mama being happy. Then sit back and watch your family reap the benefits of a mom who’s feeling good.

Images: whattoexpect/Instagram; Giphy (2)