The Relationship Question To Ask Every Day

Relationships aren't as easy as everyone makes them out to be. I mean, think about it. You have two different people with two totally different personalities coming together. And even with all the similarities you share, you'll never see eye to eye on everything. Since the differences can sometimes be frustrating, it's very important to take inventory of where you are in your relationship as well as take the right measures to making your other half happy. That's why knowing the one question you should ask in your relationship every day is important.

Although most couples will say that they have good communication with one another, most find the opposite to be true when a big blowout occurs. Issues usually arise when someone feels as if they're not receiving the affection, care, or attention they need, so taking the small daily steps to open up communication toward that is vital to relationship survival. Although ensuring that your partner is being satisfied in your relationship is an important factor, the one question you should ask yourself in your relationship every day is "am I truly happy?"

Truthfully I believe that your happiness can't depend upon what someone else does for you. In my opinion, you can't really say that you love someone and are happy with them if there are conditions that surround that, which is why I think unconditional love is an experience that many people never get. Being able to love someone for who they are, and wanting to make them happy, while they give that to you in return is an feeling like none other. The concept of unconditional love sounds great, right?

Though unconditional love is incredible and will have you sticking it out with the person you feel like is the one, it can easily be confused with settling. Settling, which is just taking things for what they are due to the ease of it, can be perceived as unconditional love because it may seem like you're doing what's best for the other person or the relationship. According to Psychology Today though, unconditional love is great to have in a relationship, but relationships themselves are a little different. Love deals with the emotions, while the latter involves thoughts, reasonings, and decisions. As a result, you two can have different expectations and rules.

Knowing that there is a distinct difference between having unconditional love and settling in a relationship, it's important to take inventory of where you are when it comes to your relationship. When certain couples have been together for a long time, staying together is done out of comfort. Likewise, people can end up staying together because they don't want to be alone, are hoping that the person will change, or are simply forcing themselves to be happy. That's why being honest with yourself and digging into your true feelings can help you decide if you're settling with this love or just finding a way to compromise through it.

Regardless if your relationship has issues today or not, be sure to ask yourself if your happiness is a genuine feeling or if it's one that's being forced by either yourself or those around you. Loving and being loved unconditionally isn't based on your sticking around when things aren't right, so don't feel guilty about questioning your happiness.