The One Question You Should Ask Your Child Every…

My daughters still have quite a while before they're ready for school— we're dealing with the "terrible twos" right now— but despite the years ahead of us till that fateful first day at the school doors, I'm already starting to think of the kind of school mom I want to be. There's no doubt that school shapes kid's thoughts, identities, and feelings, so being proactive before they get there each morning is one of my biggest goals when the time comes. Though there are many important talks to have with your kiddo, there's at least one question you should ask your child everyday before school that could affect their whole day.

Regardless of whether you're raising a boy or girl, there are influences both negative and positive coming at them from all sides. It can be stressful to think of your little one being out of your reach for most of the day (or at least it is for me). That's why it's important to get them in the right mindset before they even set foot out the door or onto the bus in the morning.

No matter the age of your child, this one, super simple question will get them thinking about their day before it even really starts.

"How do you want to be awesome today?"

That's all there is to it. It's so simple it seems almost obvious.

Sure, there are a million other more pointed questions you could ask. Like "what will you do if someone bullies you?" Or "how are you going to study for your test?" But asking your child what they want to be awesome at is not only simple, it's right to the point and gets them thinking.

Maybe your daughter is worried about how she looks compared to her classmates. Or maybe your son got bullied for his glasses or for befriending the unpopular kid. Instilling this question in their minds reminds them that they are already awesome, no matter what anyone says. Furthermore, it helps them set goals for their day and helps them live with intention from a young age.

In an age of cyber-bullying, impossible physical standards for both boys and girls, and often hurtful stereotypes of who they should be, the role of the parent shouldn't be taken lightly. With a little forethought, you can help set the tone for their day, their mindset, and their self-confidence.

In fact, it's never too soon to start. I might even start asking my toddler what she wants to be awesome at today.