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The One Quote That May Prove Cersei Will Burn Everything On 'Game of Thrones'

Season 6 of Game of Thrones has not been good to Cersei Lannister. Although she finally got away from the High Septon, she still has to face trial for her crimes. Planning to ask for a trial by combat, Cersei was unconcerned about her upcoming trial, but Tommen put a stop to her plans when he announced there would be no more trials by combat. Tommen's turn against his mother towards the side of the High Septon is devastating for Cersei, but this may not be the end for her. One quote from Sunday night's episode may just prove that Cersei will burn King's Landing down to the ground.

One of Cersei's favorite things to do, besides drinking wine, is to talk about how she's going to burn things to the ground. She'll burn cities, her house, really anything if someone pisses her off and this has been a running theme through the past few seasons of Game of Thrones. Now it seems that Cersei is finally ready to set King's Landing aflame.

When Jamie was talking to Edmure Tully about how far Cersei and Catelyn Stark would go to help their children, he said that they would "burn cities to ash" just to protect their babies. For Cersei, this statement seems very true.

After Tommen announces there will be no more trial by combat, Cersei's right hand man, Qyburn, comes to Cersei's side.

"That old rumor you told me about," he said. "My little birds investigated."

"Is it just a rumor or something more?" Cersei asked.

"Much more," he said.

Although we haven't seen anything about this search on the show thus far, we have good reason to believe what Qyburn found was the Mad King's store of wildfire. A few episodes back we got a lot of flashbacks (or flashfowards) from Bran's warging and one thing we saw was King Aerys large stash of wildfire. Supposedly he stocked up on wildfire, planning on blowing everything up during the war, but Jamie killed him before that could happen.

Now it seems Cersei will use the wildfire for her own plans, i.e. burning King's Landing (or just the High Sept and Faith Militant) to the ground.

However, on Game on Thrones things are never that simple or that easy and Cersei might discover in her attempt to get rid of the High Septon she may inevitably kill her last child, as well. Cersei has always been worried about the prophecy that states all her children will die, but it may be Cersei's own attempts at keeping Tommen out of the hands of the High Septon that leads to his death.

It's clear the next episode of Game of Thrones will be all about Bastard Bowl, which means this season may end with an exploding finale.