How To Know If Power Pumping Is Working

As a new mother, you have the all-important responsibility of making sure your baby's basic needs are met. Providing him with a balanced diet is one of the most important needs, particularly if you are exclusively breastfeeding. But when your milk supply doesn't keep up with baby's demand, you can be left feeling frustrated and anxious about your ability to give your baby the nourishment he needs to grow. If you've been using your pump to help increase your milk supply, you may be curious to know the one sign that your power pumping is working.

As breastfeeding accessory manufacturer Lansinoh mentioned on its site, experts agree that the best way to boost a low milk supply is to nurse more frequently. But for many moms, particularly those who work outside of the home, that isn't always feasible. When additional nursing sessions aren't an option, power pumping is recommended as an alternative. According to Motherlove, power pumping is the act of emptying your breasts in a series of 10-minute sessions over the course of an hour. This technique is designed to stimulate your milk production by "tricking" your body into thinking your baby needs to eat more — as if he were experiencing a growth spurt. Powerpumping is not only a great way to get your milk flowing, it can also be a big help for moms who need to stockpile a supply of milk for their babes as they prepare to return to work.

To achieve the best results, there are a couple of things nursing moms should consider. Experts agree that it is best to schedule your power pumping session for the morning, when your milk supply is the greatest, according to Lansinoh. Making sure you are relaxed and comfortable when you pump can also help increase your chances of power pumping success, as Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond recommended. This makes power pumping a great excuse to catch up on your favorite trashy television, call a friend, or read a book.

So when should you expect to see results? Lansinoh noted that, after 2 to 3 days of power pumping, you should see a boost in your milk supply. Once this happens, you should be able to return to your normal nursing schedule until you need to power pump again.