The 1 Sign The Pick Up Put Down Method Is Working

There is one topic that may inspire more heated discussion than any political debate: infant sleep training techniques. Every technique has its advocates and detractors, and there's also the camp for those who dislikes any sleep training. That said, if you do settle on a sleep training technique, it can be tricky to know whether it's effective. With that in mind, it's helpful to know the one sign the Pick Up, Put Down method is working.

For starters, it's important to understand the basics of the Pick Up, Put Down method. A relatively new sleep training technique, the Pick Up, Put Down method involves picking up a fussy baby, comforting him, and then putting him back down to sleep, according to the Baby Sleep Site. Then you repeat the process until your baby is fast asleep. As you might expect, the Pick Up, Put Down method isn't for everyone, and it involves a fair amount of patience from caregivers. In fact, the entire Pick Up, Put Down cycle may take up to an hour of repeated pick ups and put downs. Although this is generally regarded as a gentle method of sleep training, it's understandable if caregivers start to find the whole process pretty trying. However, with enough consistency, you might just see the sign that this method is right for you and your child.

So how do you know if the Pick Up, Put Down method is effective? Well, if your baby is eventually able to sleep alone, then the Pick Up, Put Down method has worked for you, according to Baby Sleep Advice. Granted, this is the end goal for sleep training techniques in general, but it will be an exceptionally welcome change for such an involved method. If you can put your baby down for the night without your little one kicking up a fuss, then Pick Up, Put Down method has worked for your family.

And if the Pick Up, Put Down method just isn't happening for your baby? That's OK, too. Every baby has a different temperament, and it's crucial to keep that in mind when it comes to your kiddo's sleeping habits. You may need to try a few sleep training methods before finding the one that works best for you. Hopefully, your whole family will be able to enjoy peaceful slumbers soon, however you get to that point.