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The One 'That's So Raven' Detail You Probably Missed In The 'Raven's House' Theme Song


Ten years after That's So Raven went off the air, Raven's House is set to revisit the characters in a totally new setting. Instead of following a teenage girl and her psychically-motivated adventures, Raven's House catches up with Raven and her best friend Chelsea years down the line. They're both divorced single mothers now, living in the same house with their three kids – one of whom has inherited Raven's visions. The series will premiere on July 21, but the theme song just became available. And there was one thing you may have missed in the Raven's House theme song that fans will be majorly excited to hear.

The theme song for That's So Raven was basically iconic, and there are plenty of nods to it in the opening credits for the new show. There are less clips of zany moments from the show, with the credits for Raven's House instead focusing on all the residents of said house decorating the space, but the lyrics mirror each other with plenty of references to Raven's visions. But there was also one notable little nod at the end that could be very easy to miss. At the end of That's So Raven's opening credits, Raven pops up next to the title to say, "Yup, that's me." At the end of the credits for Raven's House, Raven pops up once again to say, "Yup, that's us." It seems to reflect the fact that the new show is really all about the ensemble cast, even more so, Raven's family (as well as Chelsea's).

Not only will Raven's House see the return of Raven and Chelsea, but Jonathan McDaniel will be back as Devon Carter – though now he's Raven's ex-husband and the father of her kids. Those kids are eleven year old twins Nia and Booker, who seems to be the one who has inherited his mom's psyhic abilities. Along the way they have Chelsea's son Levi and neighbor Tess to help navigate any difficult situations that arise. Of which there are sure to be many, with two characters now having visions.

Like any rebooted show, Raven's Home is sure to have plenty of nods to the original show that inspired it. References to That's So Raven will probably extend long past the opening credits, though the theme song is a great way to pay homage to the show that so many people loved throughout their childhoods. Raven's House is a different show now that it's protagonist is an adult and mom with kids of her own, but hopefully it will still have all the things that made it great in the first place.