The One Thing To Do When You & Your Partner Feel Disconnected

Remember when your relationship was fresh and new and you and your partner couldn't keep your hands off of each other? You felt deeply connected to partner and their connection to you was palpable. But life happens and we get bogged down with responsibility and so much stress. You're starting to feel disconnected and can tell they feel the same way. Now you're wondering what to do when you and your partner feel disconnected.

If words are failing you, and you and your partner have spent too much time talking at each other rather than talking to each other, pushing all the conversations aside and spending some time in each other's arms could help you reconnect. So rather than asking your partner how can we fix this, try asking if they will wrap you up in their arms. As oversimplified as this sounds, there are so many reasons why hugging can help restore a connection with you and your partner.

People put an enormous focus on communication in their relationships. So much so, that they often forget how touch and close contact can make you feel connected to your partner. According to Life Hack, spending 10 minutes hugging your partner can help you feel that desire and need for a deeper connection. Even without being intimate, hugging can bring you back to such an intimate place.

From a biological standpoint, spending time embracing your partner is good for your health as well as helping you both reconnect. Long embraces increase the release of the oxytocin, which is also known as the"cuddle hormone," according to NPR. This hormone affects trust behaviors like feelings of devotion and bonding. So just wrapping your arms around your partner and enjoying the embrace will help both of you regain those feelings of connection.

Another note from NPR is that long hugs can also reduce the stress hormone cortisol in your body. So embracing your partner can help you both calm down and reduce your stress while in each other's arms. You'll actually feel each other calming down while hugging. Doesn't that make you just want to hug your significant other right this minute?

While studies have shown that couples that regularly hug and cuddle are most likely in healthier relationships, the only proof you need is just being in the moment with the person you love.

So tonight, when you are your partner have a few minutes alone, ignore all technology. Push aside any issues that are lingering in your mind from today, and just wrap your arms around your partner and let your body and mind do it's job.