The One Thing You Can Do To Make Waking Up Easier & Mornings Suck A Little Less

by Kelly Anne Bonner

In a perfect world, everyone would be a morning person. Everyone would wake up fresh and fully-energized, have coffee minutes after rising from bed, and get ready with ease. The reality though, is that many people struggle to get out of bed because the cons for being up and at 'em far outweigh the pros. It’s cold outside the sheets, you’re groggy, you have sleep in your eyes, your body simply refuses to move. The list goes on, but it doesn’t have to be this way for non-morning types. For those that simply can’t find a way to rouse themselves from sleep, there’s at least one thing you can do to wake up easier that’s simple, relaxing, and will put you in a good mood. It’s this: curating a morning playlist to listen to while you get ready.

There are several reasons why listening to a morning playlist is an awesome, effective strategy for getting yourself to wake up better. Psychology Today reports that music can give you a motivational jumpstart before you begin both cognitive and creative tasks, making it an ideal way to put you in the right mindset before work. One study even suggests that listening to music can be as relaxing as a massage, which is a great if you're prone to stressful mornings. And, as Everyday Health notes, music boosts mood, so if you're waking up not feeling one hundred percent, you're giving yourself a little pick-me-up that's simple and requires zero effort.

Another benefit to listening to a morning playlist is that every song is from your own personal library, you're choosing stuff that you like, which makes you feel instantly happier and more positive about the beginning of your day right off the bat. (And, let's be honest, Beyonce is way more pleasurable than your cell phone's beeping.) Simply curate at least an hour's worth of songs that reflect the morning for you, then each morning all you have to do is press "play" to start getting yourself out of bed on the right foot.

On top of the fact that listening to a morning playlist while you get ready is an easy way to provide a mental boost, the act of curating the songs themselves is a fun, creative task that really lets you dig into how you want to start your day. You can even curate different playlists for different kinds of mornings: when it’s rainy outside, when you’re psyching yourself up for a big presentation at work, when you simply feel like rocking out while making breakfast. If you're tired of your own library, Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming services have several mood-based playlists for you to try out. No matter what, a little dose of music is all you need to have exactly the kind of morning you want and to wake up better, every time.

Images: Tamara Alvarez/Flickr; Pexels