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The Best Thing To Eat After Giving Birth

After giving birth, there will be two things on your mind: cuddling with your sweet new baby and getting some damn food in your mouth. Eating anything and everything in sight will be high on your priority list and rightfully so — you just birthed a human being and deserve all of the food. Although you may want to enjoy the sushi you've been deprived of for months, there are certain foods encourage healing and milk production in postpartum moms. The one thing your postpartum meal needs that every new mom should have is slightly unexpected, but packed with nutrients that will have you feeling like your pre-baby self in no-time.

Believe it or not, oats are considered a "postpartum superfood" that are so much more than a boring, bland breakfast food. According to Authority Nutrition, oats are packed with nutrients and minerals like zinc, magnesium, iron, and folate (all essential for nursing moms). The Association of Reproductive Health Professionals (ARHP,) noted that most postpartum moms stop taking their prenatal vitamins, which means most postpartum moms are deficient in the nutrients stated above. Luckily, starting your postpartum diet off with oats is a great way to make sure you're getting what you need right off the bat.

Additionally, the Diary Council of California noted that oats are full of fiber, which can help you stay full longer and promote healthy digestion. Baby Center also noted that oats may help keep constipation at bay, something that can be particularly difficult postpartum. Iron is also great for ensuring you don't struggle with anemia after delivery. According to the Bump, anemia will make you feel weak and tired and is usually the result of too much blood loss.

Lastly, Belly Belly stated that oats are one of the most common galactagogues, or foods known to increase milk supply, so eating them immediately after birth can help your milk supply come in healthy and strong.

Another great thing about a big, hearty bowl of oatmeal is that you can add in other great mix-ins like milk, raisins, apples, chia seeds, nuts and more, making it extra-healthy and flavorful. So before you order a Big Mac (my postpartum meal of choice,) opt for a bowl of nutrient-packed oatmeal and tackle multiple postpartum health needs at once.