The 1 Trait Associated With Each Chinese Zodiac Sign That Is Shockingly Accurate

Chances are you know all about your zodiac sign, but what does your Chinese zodiac have to say? It's interesting to compare the two. In fact, some of the traits associated with each Chinese zodiac sign are shockingly accurate, or at least pretty spot on in many cases.

Known as Sheng Xiao, the Chinese zodiac is based on a 12-year cycle calculated by the Chinese lunar calendar, according to Travel China Guide. Each of the 12 years corresponds to a particular animal, such as the rat or the dog. The years represented by each animal are said to correspond to certain personality traits, much like the solar zodiac signs. Oh, and remember that these dates correspond to the traditional Chinese calendar, so the first day of each new year falls sometime between late January and early February on the Gregorian calendar.

To find which animal corresponds to your birth year, just use the Chinese Zodiac calculator on Karma Weather. Next, check out the traits associated with that sign below. Hey, you just might learn something new about yourself or your family in the process. Maybe the fact that your partner was born in the Year of the Monkey explains so much about them.



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This sign kicks off the Chinese zodiac, and they have some pretty great traits. In fact, people born in the Year of the Rat are known for being smart and socially savvy, according to The Royal Garden.



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If you were born in the year of this majestic animal, then you also have some admirable personality traits. Those born in the Year of the Ox are known for being steady and serious, according to Chinese Zodiac.



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This powerful sign has a serious soft side. Natural attention-seekers, people born in the Year of the Tiger are energetic and generous, according to Building Beautiful Souls.



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Well these traits really match the animal. Those born in the Year of the Rabbit are sensitive and sweet, according to Insider.



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OK, most anyone would agree that this sign is represented by the coolest animal. Imaginative and charismatic, those born in the Year of the Dragon may seem to lead lucky lives, according to What's Your Sign.



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People born in the sign of the snake may have trouble seeing everything clearly. "The Snake in the Chinese Zodiac chart often cannot see beyond themselves," as Brian Ma, Astrologer at, tells Romper. "Snakes are low to the ground and often cannot see the contradictions in themselves. The attributes of the Snake are usually friendly as long as you play on their terms." If you know a snake in real life, this combo of friendliness and short-sightedness probably sounds familiar.



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These people keep it positive. People born in the Year of the Horse tend to be cheerful and optimistic, according to Insider.


Sheep / Goat

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People with this sign are pretty gentle souls. In general, those born in the Year of the Sheep tend to be warm, sensitive, and calm, according to What's Your Sign.



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People born in these years are anything but simple. "The Monkey in the Chinese Zodiac can be one of the more complex personality types in the Chinese Zodiac," says Brian Ma. "Attributes of people who were born under the Monkey sign are brave, strong-willed, and work oriented. Monkeys very often appreciate fashion and the ornamentation of refined living." Whatever they have going on in life, people with a monkey sign probably look good doing it.



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These people are known for their big ideas. Forward-thinking and confident, those born in the Year of the Rooster are anything but shy, according to Building Beautiful Souls.



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Not surprisingly, dog people are famously sweet. Loyal and honest, those born in the Year of the Dog share some traits with real-life canine companions, according to Chinese Zodiac.



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Honestly, this might be the sweetest sign of them all. "The Pig loves to be enamored by others," says Brian Ma. "The Pig is a performer and loves to be the center of attention." Although they may get something of a superiority complex, pigs tend to be positive and kind overall, as Ma explains. Whatever sign you happen to have, hopefully these traits rang true.