The Parents Of Reddit Reveal When They Knew Their Toddler Could Drop A Nap

If you have a toddler, you can most likely relate. Your lovely toddler who used to nap twice a day or even once a day for a very long time, now throws a fit when you put him into his crib. Or worse yet, he climbs out of his big-kid bed over and over and over again until you want to cry or have a margarita delivered. Thankfully, you're not alone. The parents of Reddit reveal when they knew it was time for their toddler to drop a nap, giving you a whole lot of insight into just how hilarious and annoyingly smart toddlers can be.

Toddlers have a lot of little ways to let you know that they're ready to give up that old nap, from taking absolutely forever to fall asleep - either upset or full of tears, waking too early in the morning, and acting like a lunatic at bedtime. All of those things might give you a hint that your toddler is ready to drop a nap. And if those aren't the signals your toddler is giving you, user liimliight asked the question so we have lots of clues for when to help your toddler drop their nap.

The Fake Out

Some babies start by skipping a nap - making you think they're ready to drop a nap only to really need that nap again a few days later.

Awful Second Nap

When one nap goes downhill, that can be a sign that your toddler is ready to drop a nap and hopefully go to one solid nap.

Play To Keep Him Awake

Sometimes helping your toddler drop a nap means keeping them occupied and engaged until they can get to the new naptime.

Chatty Baby

A chatty baby who just will not go to sleep for a nap is often a sure sign that are ready to drop that nap.

Daycare Dictator

Sometimes daycare will help "encourage" your toddler to move to one nap because that's their schedule and it helps to have all the toddlers on that same schedule.

Go Rogue On The Weekends

If your toddler isn't quite ready to move to one nap - but they have to only nap once at daycare - you can let your toddler catch up on the weekends by taking a second nap.

Too Tired

That no-man's land between when a toddler is too wired to take two naps and too tired to not take two naps is the worst. But it's also a sign that you're close to dropping a nap.


If your baby stays at home with you, you might have to let them nap two times one day and once the next until they're really ready to drop a nap.

Daily Field Trip

You might need to distract your kiddo by getting them out of the house in order to get them through that dropping the nap phase.