The Hunter x Peter Rabbit collection of boots come in several different styles.

The Hunter x Peter Rabbit Collection Makes Me Want To Live In An English Garden

There is nothing cuter than little kids in rain boots — except maybe little kids in Peter Rabbit rain boots. With the sequel of the wildly popular Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway due to arrive in theaters on April 3, the new Peter Rabbit collection by Hunter is sure to sell out fast. I mean, Hunter boots plus Beatrix Potter? Actual spring perfection.

The Peter Rabbit print won't just be on tall rain boots, but also on kids' boots, a keyring, and the small backpacks that have become wildly popular in recent years, all available beginning March 17 for a limited time only. And if you're worried about the women's boots being too cartoonish, let me put your fears to rest. They are so cute, and without a CGI bunny to be found upon their surface. Instead, the women's boots (that retail for $165) come in two dark colors, and have an all-over vegetable print. The are an absolute English garden dream. The kids' boots, which come in the pull-on or classic Wellington styles ($60), come in baby blue, green, and orange, and feature the famous rabbit posed amidst some of his favorite tasty veg. What I'm most excited about is the kids' backpacks ($70) that look like they can take the beating of several children (hello, hand-me-downs) while still being classic and adorable — which is no small feat for kids' goods.


My kids love the movie Peter Rabbit, and they can't wait for the sequel. My daughter has already sent me many a clue that she expects us to see it in the actual theater, and as soon as she sees these boots, I know what's going to happen. (And it will cost $60.) Not that I mind, because not only do Hunter boots hold up under extreme conditions (my daughter being such an extreme condition), but they are just very practical wellies. My kids adore playing in the rain and mud, and Hunter boots are the best boots you can wear to do that.

As for me, as my husband and I contemplate a move to the Hudson Valley. I have big dreams of a huge vegetable garden, a coop full of chickens, and maybe even a goat. Growing up in a rural area, I know that I will need a few different pairs of boots. Why not have one be these garden patterned beauties? (Though, of course, I'll need several more pairs for reasons.)