The Pizza Order That Could Increase Your Milk Supply — Yes, Really

by Olivia Youngs

If you're just learning that food (yes, the stuff you, as a nursing mom, crave 24/7,) can help increase your milk supply, then feel free to take a few minutes to revel in that newfound and life changing knowledge. The truth is that your diet is a powerful thing, and certain foods can indeed work wonders on the quality and amount of breast milk you produce. In fact, there's even a pizza order that could increase your milk supply. Still need a few minutes to take it all in? I'll wait.

True pizza connoisseurs know that there are far more options available than the standard cheese or pepperoni pizza. And if you're up on your nursing-lingo, you'll know that there are several galactagogues (foods that increase your milk supply) that happen to make the perfect pizza toppings.

Let's start with the crust, the foundation of any great pizza. If you're cooking your own pizza crust or ordering from a restaurant with lots of options, opt for a barley pizza crust. According to Breastfeeding Problems, barley is a known galactagogue. And even though it's usually in the form of a barley grass drink, there are lots of barley pizza crust recipes that would make your pizza great right from the start.

Now, lets move on to the sauce, which can make or break the pizza. If you're a fan of traditional red sauce, ask for (or add on your own) extra basil. Basil is great for lactating women for many reasons. First, it's packed with anti-oxidants which keep your overall health in check and are transferred into your milk. It also is known to have a calming effect, according to Mom Junction. Similarly, garlic has been called one of "the best" galactagogues around, although it may change the taste or smell of your breast milk, according to some studies. If there is the option to add garlic to your sauce or as a topping, don't pass it up (although you may need a few sticks of gum afterwards.)

Similarly, Mom Junction noted that cheese made from cow's milk is packed with calcium and promotes healthy milk production, so don't hold off on the cheese.

As for toppings, spinach is a breastfeeding superfood, according to the Bump, so add it whenever you can. Chicken is another great source of protein and healthy nutrients for mamas, and it happens to pair perfectly with garlic, basic, and spinach.

To top it all off, drizzling a little olive oil on top. The Today show noted that olive oil and other healthy fats aid in healthy digestion, bowel movements, and helps you absorb the nutrients into your breast milk to pass on to your baby (who also needs their fair share of healthy fats.)

Now go order yourself a lactation-friendly pizza, because darn it, you deserve it.