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The Cast Of 'Point Blank' Is A Who's Who Of Crime Drama Superstars

Reboots are all the rage these days, but not all are created equal. Some catch fire, while others flop considerably. One of the newest movie releases from Netflix will, I think, fall into the former category. Once you throw together some of the A-List Hollywood players into an action-packed suspense thriller, you've got a real winner, even if it's a second version. My point is, the Point Blank cast includes a few famous faces I could watch in literally anything.

Point Blank is based on a 2010 French crime drama, and follows ER nurse, Paul (Anthony Mackie), after he's attacked in his home and his pregnant wife is abducted as collateral for something huge. His only option, because of course it is, is to pair up with an injured murder suspect (Frank Grillo) to save his wife and, hopefully, stay alive. I'm not trying to oversell it or anything but this is all very much my brand.

What do you get when you put Marvel Cinematic Universe's Falcon with MCU's Brock Rumlow (Hydra agent and terrorist Crossbones)? You get Point Blank circa 2019. Netflix, you totally get me. So without further ado, here is the entire cast of the movie.

Anthony Mackie

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Not to totally fan girl, but I could go on about Mackie's work all day. Though he's not on Instagram, and he's most recognizable as Sam Wilson (aka Falcon) in the MCU, I'll remember him forevermore as Papa Doc (Clarence!) rapping against Eminem in 8 Mile. You may also recognize him from The Hate U Give, Altered Carbon, or any number of projects since his acting debut in As If in 2002. Honestly, if you haven't caught on to the New Orleans-bred actor by now, you're too late; this hot tamale train already left the station.

Christian Cooke

As a Leeds, England native, Cooke isn't new to acting in American films. Though his first gig was way back in 1999 in the BBC series, Wilmot, he's appeared in more projects than you may realize. For instance, Cooke played Mercutio in a 2013 remake of Romeo & Juliet. If you were to check out his Instagram page, you'll likely find shots of him gazing into the camera with his piercingly enigmatic eyes, or hanging with friends and costars.

Marcia Gay Harden

Everyone, including my cat, has heard about Harden. She's iconic, having been in movies like Mystic River and Pollack, as well as taking part in (probably) every TV show ever created — well, since 1986. Her Instagram page is chock full of celeb cameos, behind the scenes snapshots, and seriously cool pictures with her children. From the Point Blank trailer, it doesn't look like Harden's one of the good guys, which should make it that much more compelling.

Teyonah Parris

For all Mad Men and Empire fans, Parris' role in Point Blank is a happy surprise, playing Mackie's pregnant, kidnapped wife. That aside, her credits are pretty impressive. From The Good Wife to CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Parris is one hard, hustlin' lady and I'm here for it. And her Instagram page? Don't even get me started.

Frank Grillo

As Mackie's murder suspect partner-in-crime (literally), Grillo has the chance to redeem himself in Point Blank from that whole Hydra mess in the Marvel movies. In all seriousness, I'm a huge Grillo fan. Some of his work includes The Purge, Prison Break, and For the People, and he was a regular on Guiding Light for two years. If you check out his IMDb page, there are still 11 credits in post-production or that he's still filming, so expect to see a whole lot more of this, and MMA fighting just as he does as Alvey Kulina in the TV series, Kingdom.

An A-list cast doesn't guarantee a film is going to be a winner, of course. But I have high hopes for this crime thriller.