The Pottery Barn Grinch Collection Is Making My Heart Grow 10 Sizes

I am basically all of the Whos from Whoville at Christmas, but a bit more store-bought. I tend to fall somewhere between a Griswold and a Martha May Whovier in terms of decorating style, so it's obvious I need a ton of goodies from the Grinch collection at Pottery Barn. Because not only is it oh-so-chic, it's also oh-so-easy to spread some cheer.

The collection is super cute and it's already curated. Pottery Barn has everything from jammies (Who knew Pottery Barn sold those?) to bed sheets and plates. Mostly though, I am here for the personalized ornaments that Pottery Barn are famous for. Everything. Needs. A. Monogram.

And the whole set just takes so much work out of my hands, and I love that. Because, let's face it, we are all fans of a theme, but who has the time to put it all together? I just want my decor to look good, and not cut too much into my romance novel reading time. (A gal like me needs her hunky Duke fix.)

Plus, it's Pottery Barn. If you've ever bought something from there, chances are, you still have it. My son has a 10-year-old lunchbox from PBK that is still in good shape. I have a down-filled throw that is 15 years old, and I still take it to cold soccer games. Their stuff is aces. And this entire Grinch collection is more Christmas-y than a Who.


The Ornaments

These ceramic ornaments remind me so much of the ornaments handed down in my family from generation to generation. They are the heavy ceramic style that held so many baby names, anniversaries, and family trees.

These specific ornaments are sweetly painted with themes from the Grinch, and they're priced well enough that you can buy more than one of each name so that when your cat climbs the freaking tree and it goes crashing onto the floor, shattering into a million pieces, you have another that you just pass down to your child.


Adult Flannel Pajamas

Right now, I'm calculating how I can get my husband to wear these pajamas. Yes, he is usually no problem on the themed pajamas thing, but that is normally limited to his Doctor Strange tee and Marvel PJ bottoms or his Dunder-Mifflin gear. Nothing quite so done up as these button-down flannel pajamas.

But I think I am pretty sure I can dig deep into my bag of tricks to get him to wear them long enough to at least take some Christmas morning pictures. When all else fails, I could probably just bribe him with cinnamon rolls.


Grinch Quilt

My MawMaw taught me to love quilts.

My MawMaw did not teach me how to quilt. Like I would ever have the patience for that anyways. I cannot knit, crochet, or sew, either. What I can do is buy quilts on the internet. In fact, I'm pretty darned good at doing that, so I have this well in hand. Just imagine tucking your kiddo in so sugarplums can dance in their head. Happy sigh.


Plate Set

If you grew up in the '90s then you definitely had a whole array of plates, saucers, cups, and bowls with some cartoon character on it.

My favorite bowls had all of the Care Bears on them. My glass had that turquoise colored bear, the bowl had the pink bear, and the plate was stolen by my sister because she is a jerk face, so I broke her Jem plate in retribution.

These are far higher quality than the ones we had as kids, but that does not mean your kids won't fight over them. I suggest you buy one set of dishes for each child that you have. Happy Grinchmas, after all.