As You Wish — 'The Princess Bride' Is Coming To Disney+ SO Soon

There's nothing like an old favorite movie to get you through a hard day. By now, you may have streamed your way through just about everything on your various platforms, but fortunately there's more to come. Soon, you'll be able to watch The Princess Bride on Disney+ and it's inconceivable how much fun you'll have watching it all over again.

For those who somehow missed what might be the movie of our lifetime, here's a quick overview. The Princess Bride follows a lovable farmhand-turned-pirate named Westley (played by Cary Elwes) who returns after being presumed dead to win the love of the beautiful Buttercup (played by Robin Wright). But while Westley was away, Buttercup reluctantly agreed to marry a local prince, leading her true love on an epic — and hilarious — rescue mission that brings him into contact with a slew of lovable characters, including Billy Crystal as a folk healer.

With a PG rating, it could make a great nostalgic pick for family movie night, but it's worth noting that there are some sexual innuendos, crass humor, and Rodents of Unusual Size. Parents, use your own discretion.

Starting on May 1, The Princess Bride will be available on Disney+. Wright and Elwes reunited in an adorable video call to share the exciting news with their many fans and the recording was posted to the Disney+ Facebook page on Monday. The pair smiled at each other — making my Buttercup and Westley 'shipping childhood heart swoon in the process — and chatted like the old friends they are.

“Are you bored yet?” Elwes asked Wright. “No!” she said. “Are you?”

“Not even but if I was stuck in front of my TV I could think of some real fun things to watch like that Princess Bride movie we made together,” he responded. Smiling, she asked him, “Hmm, is that on again?”

Then, Elwes shared the good news. “On Disney+ starting May 1,” Elwes said. To which Wright asked him, “Does that mean we’ll get to take a selfie with Mickey?” Elwes responded with a line that no fan of The Princess Bride could ever forget. “They better say ‘As you wish’ to that or I want no part in it!”

Mickey Mouse has yet to confirm or deny that he will be taking a selfie with the two of them, but there's more than enough to keep you smiling at the screen.