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Ranking The 'RHONY' Cast By Net Worth

It goes without saying that almost all of the ladies on every iteration of The Real Housewives are loaded. While some might be better off than others, their ostentatious wealth is part of the appeal of the shows. Viewers want to see their massive homes, ridiculous business attempts, and all the jet-setting; it's almost as much fun as the constant squabbling and gossip. Almost. But the women of RHONY are particularly privileged, and ranking The Real Housewives of New York cast by net worth shows that they've all got some serious funds to work with.

The seven ladies who star on RHONY have all made their money in different ways. Some married into it or inherited it while others built massive empires from the ground up. But no matter how they accrued those dollars, there's no denying that these women have got a lot of them. Still, you might be surprised by just how things shake out when they're placed side by side — some of the RHONY women might have a much higher net worth than you'd expect, and some might have a lower one. You can see if your expectations match the reality by taking a look at the RHONY cast ranked lowest to highest by net worth.

7. Sonja Morgan, Estimated $8 million

Sonja is reported to have a net worth of around $8 million dollars. She filed for bankruptcy in 2010 and claimed to be $20 million dollars in debt, with $13.5 million in assets that included her townhouse and a French chateau that has since been sold. Sonja also has a clothing line as well as what she earns from RHONY.

6. Ramona Singer, Estimated $18 million

Ramona started out as a buyer for Macy's and eventually went on to start her own company that dealt with closeout merchandise. Currently, she has a ton of different companies and projects going on: a jewelry line, a skincare line, and the most importantly: her own Pinot Grigio.

5. Dorinda Medley, Estimated $20 million

When she was living in London with her first husband, Dorinda started a cashmere company called DCL Cashmere that boasted people like Princess Diana and Joan Collins as clients. Dorinda eventually sold that company and probably made even more money in the process. After she returned to New York, she married her late husband Richard, who was a partner and hedge fund advisor at George Soros as well as the chief economist for the U.S. House Banking Committee. All of that likely impacted her own net worth.

4. Luann D'Agostino, Estimated $25 million

Luann is a former nurse and model, but much of her net worth is probably thanks to her marriage to Count Alexandre de Lesseps. Since then, her books and reality show appearances (including RHONY) have definitely padded out the number a little. And according to her Bravo bio, she's looking to start some jewelry and homewares lines of her own, so that number can still rise.

3. Bethenny Frankel, Estimated $25 million

Bethenny's company Skinngirl Cocktails is pretty legendary within the world of the show, and she made several pretty pennies when she eventually sold it. Some years ago she was also listed amongst the highest-earning reality stars, and she's had a few shows of her own in addition to RHONY. With her NYC real estate holdings taken into consideration too, Bethenny's definitely doing well.

2. Tinsley Mortimer, Estimated $30 million

The newest RHONY cast member's wealth has some seriously old money. Her family made bank thanks to her dad's real estate investments and her ex-husband Topper Mortimer's great-grandfather was a president of Standard Oil of California — that kind of money is generational. But Tinsley has also added to her bank account with fashion and handbag lines overseas, as well as a co-written novel and reality TV appearances.

1. Carole Radziwill, Estimated $50 million

It might come as a surprise that Carole has the highest net worth of any of the RHONY women, but she's had a long and impressive career to thank for it. Carole's work as an award-winning journalist and bestselling author contributed to her net worth, but it didn't hurt that she married a prince, too.

But as always, keep in mind that regardless of how much moola you have, money cannot buy you class. Elegance is learned, my friends.