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The 'RHONY' Season 11 Reunion Allows Everyone To Air Their Grievances

The Real Housewives of New York City has had an eventful eleventh season, which is really par for the course at this point. Is any iteration of the franchise better at delivering drunk scream-sobs in stunning rented vacation mansions? RHONY has it down to an art. But the end of Season 11 is fast approaching, as the RHONY reunion airdate proves. Even though the season may be ending soon, at least the multi-part reunion special will be something to look forward to.

The RHONY Season 11 finale, "Jesus, the Countess, and Joseph" airs on Bravo on Jun. 27, but the reunion won't be following immediately in its footsteps. According to TV Guide, there will be a filler episode between the finale and the reunion; that behind-the-scenes special will contain deleted scenes and previously unseen moments from the entire season. The producers and stars of RHONY will allegedly be weighing in, too. That airs on Jul. 4, with the reunion presumably picking up a week later on Thursday, Jul. 11. It's not clear yet whether the reunion will be two parts or three; I suppose it will depend on just how intense it gets.

And from what the cast has had to say, it sounds like this reunion is going to be a doozy.

Dorinda Medley told Us Weekly that the Season 11 reunion was "emotional" and allowed the women to address their various disagreements with one another. For Dorinda, that will mean talking things out with Luann de Lesseps yet again. They first fought last season in Cartagena, which was compounded by the infamous Jovani Heckling at one of Luann's cabaret shows. (Initially inspired by Luann neglecting to invite Dorinda's boyfriend John Mahdessian, for those who might have forgotten). Dorinda and Luann slowly made up in the early episodes of Season 11, but it seems like Dorinda still has some grievances.

In fact, a lot of the women might have something to say to Luann. The biggest blow-up in Miami revolved around her, after all. Bethenny Frankel had been dealing with her grief over the passing of her boyfriend Dennis Shields the summer before filming, while simultaneously trying to help Luann with her sobriety. All of that bubbled over during dinner when the women tried to talk about how self-absorbed they felt Luann had been lately. That's bound to be brought up at the reunion, even though Bethenny and Luann made peace shortly after it happened.

In her own chat with Us Weekly, Luann revealed that there was a lot of drama at the reunion, but also a lot of resolution. "We each get our turn and we each get to say what we didn't get to say during the course of the show," Luann said. "So that's the really great thing is that you get to wipe the slate clean and what gets misconstrued, you get to voice what was going on in your life at the time."

She went on to say that it was a cleansing experience overall, even going so far as to call the reunion her "favorite part." From the sounds of it, none of the RHONY women will be holding back during the reunion, but they may come out of it much better off.