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The 'RHOA' Cast Ranked By Net Worth Proves These Ladies Are Not To Be Messed With Financially

Everyone, I have excellent news. The Real Housewives of Atlanta are back in action on Nov. 5, with a few old faces making triumphant returns, and one disgraced 'Wife leaving for good. Because I know what really matters with these shows, I have assembled the Real Housewives of Atlanta cast ranked by net worth, just so everyone knows what the affluence pecking order is. But rest assured, even the lowest earners of these women probably have more cash in their wallets on a random day than the average amount of money in my bank account.

For Season 10 of one of the highest rated cities in the Real Housewives franchise, the Atlanta ladies have brought back a couple of guaranteed draws. These are the inimitable NeNe Leakes, whose fame has extended beyond Bravo and the Housewives as well as Kim Zolciak-Biermann, who also stars in her own spinoff series Don't Be Tardy, along with her husband Kroy Biermann, their combined six children, scene-stealing chef, and several dogs. Phaedra Parks, the self-described Southern Belle, left the series after last year's debacle in which she essentially set a bunch of dumpster fires among the women and stepped back to watch the flames.

This season, I look forward to getting back to the important things — which is comparing the women's successes to each other. So that you can keep better track, here are the women's net worths in ascending order.

Sherée Whitfield

The mastermind behind the famous brand She by Sherée is reportedly worth $250,000. Sure, she's not sitting way up there in the upper echelons of Housewife affluence. However, she brought in quite enough dough to build Chateau Sherée, not exactly a shabby dwelling. I think even Lisa Vanderpump's Villa Rosa would be impressed.

Cynthia Bailey

Former model and reigning queen of changing hairstyles, Cynthia Bailey, is worth a reported $500,000. It is unclear how, if at all, her financial situation changed following her divorce from Peter, but it definitely looks like her fashion business is going well.

Porsha Williams

Porsha Williams has managed to turn the business of being a television personality into a viable career, and garnered a net worth of approximately $500,000. She is now a regular contributor to Dish Nation, an occasional actress, and of course, the star of her own podcast Porsha4Real.

Kenya Moore

Next up is Miss Kenya Moore, who is still Gone With the Wind Fabulous, with a reported net worth of a cool $1 million. She is also recently married, but it's unclear how much her new man will appear on the show.

Kim Zolciak-Biermann

The blondest blonde to ever blonde in Atlanta, Kim Zolciak-Biermann is personally worth $1.5 million according to reports. However, this does not include her husband Kroy's net worth of $5.5 million, which explains the family's sprawling mansion. A propos of nothing — I would really like to be adopted by the Zolciak-Biermanns.

NeNe Leakes

As the single Housewife who has generated the most catchphrases in the history of the series, NeNe Leakes is accordingly very well compensated. Reports state that she is worth about $12 million. In addition to appearing on the Housewives, Leakes has acted on Broadway and had small roles in various television shows. Now she's back to Atlanta and I'm so, so excited for the drama.

Kandi Burruss

Unfortunately for NeNe, it looks like Kandi Burruss wins this particular showdown. The musical legend is responsible for some of your favorite songs including "No Scrubs," and has now parlayed her success into various ventures including a Bravo-televised reunion with her girl band Xscape (eek!). Burruss is reportedly worth $35 million.

Well, now I think I have to find a way to get on a reality show. It's apparently very lucrative.

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