Tommy Garcia/Bravo

The 'RHOC' Trailer Is Here With 7 Crazy Moments

As the first installment in an ever-growing franchise of shows, The Real Housewives of Orange County has stood the test of time when it comes to serving drama, tossing wine in your frenemy's face, and screeching over Andy Cohen's conversation topics during reunion shows. While it has its ebbs and flows, the show has given the network some of its most iconic moments and lines. The madness continued to unfold throughout the particularly contentious Season 11, which left things in a tense and uncertain place. Now the RHOC trailer is here and it's clear that Season 12 will be just as wild as the seasons before it.

Almost all of the ladies have returned for another season of travel and shouting, though Heather Dubrow is no longer a part of the show. There have been some new additions to the cast, too: Lydia McLaughlin is back again and she's bringing friend Peggy Sulahian along for the ride. Gretchen Rossi and Lizzie Rosvek will be popping up as friends of the Housewives, too. There are more than a few explosion combinations to be found in that group of women, and there's no telling what changes the new cast members will bring. It's going to be an eventful season, but here are 7 moments that stood out from the trailer.

Kelly Pouring Booze Directly Into Her Mouth

Get ready for your new go-to reaction gif, courtesy of Kelly Dodd. I don't know what caused her to just skip the shot glass middleman, but I'm sure this drink is much-needed.

Drag Kings

For some currently inexplicable reason, the women are shown in full Kid Rock drag taking themselves out to a bar. Based on RHOC's love of themed parties, I'm not surprised, though I am slightly confused.

Peggy Is A Princess

The brief introduction to Peggy in the trailer pans over her family's five cars, cuts to her trying on numerous jewels, and has Vicki referring to her as a princess. Yes, Peggy will fit right in.

Mama Drama

There are bound to be plenty of adorable moments of Megan with her newborn daughter Aspen, but it also looks like trouble erupts when Kelly picks on Megan for having a kid and still concerning herself with gossip. Um, Kelly? All of you have kids and care about gossip. That's the whole point of the show.

Travel Trouble

Season 12 will take the women on a vacation to Iceland, and if their trip to Ireland is anything to go off of, it's going to be a doozy. Please stop sending these women to countries that start with I and end in -land.

Emotions Are Running High

As they do every year, these ladies are going to be calling each other out, crying about it, promising to be nice, hugging it out, and then starting the cycle all over again. The trailer is basically 90% sobbing and shouting.

Someone Might Be In Danger

Last season saw a dune buggy accident with lasting effects, and the trailer shows another accident of some kind on the way. It's hard to tell what happened and who was affected, but it seems like it might be something that goes down while the women are in Iceland.

Season 12 looks like it will be a real rollercoaster ride, and I can't wait to watch it take some sharp dives and loop-de-loops.