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Uhm Guys, It Sure Sounds Like 'The Sandlot' Is Getting A Reboot As A TV Series

Remember The Sandlot, the iconic film that gifted the public with the line, "you're killing me, smalls!" and a handful of other classic gems, that still live on today? Well, more than two decades after its original premiere, according to CBC News, The Sandlot will reportedly get a TV series reboot and it sounds like the original cast is set to reunite.

The stars of the 1993 will reportedly return to their old stomping ground — this time as parents, according to The Rain Delay. David Mickey Evans, who wrote and directed the original film, shared the exciting news in an interview on the baseball podcast. The Sandlot-inspired show reportedly received a two-season order on a yet-undisclosed streaming service, as Evans told The Rain Delay.

"I just sold a Sandlot television show. We're about to get an order for the first two seasons," he told host Cooperstown Kury during their sit-down. "I know who's going to stream it. It doesn't take a genius to figure that out right now."

Evans still hasn't revealed which platform purchased the series, but it sure seems like he's teasing a big one. That seems to mean The Sandlot show is likely coming to Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime Video for you to marathon-watch, and get your nostalgia-fix.Maybe you can even introduce your kids to your favorite cast of 90s characters, provided you can get them to sit still for an episode or two.

Evans said on the podcast that he "already got all the original cast members back," adding that the show will be set in 1984. He also told The Rain Delay listeners the cast will "all have children of their own, and that's all I can tell you." He didn't, however, name which OG cast members would return for The Sandlot show.

Patrick Renna, who played Ham Porter in the original movie, appeared shocked by the announcement. In a tweet about the news, he compared himself to "an NBA Player who just found out he was traded...on Twitter." His post suggests he has not been asked to reprise his role for the show. Victor DiMattia, who played Timmy Timmons in The Sandlot, expressed a similar sentiment, responding to the news with the thinking face emoji.

While Evans offered only limited details about the forthcoming project, and some of the The Sandlot cast appears to be in the dark, fans were excited about the news.

Twitter was filled with excited reactions to the announcement, with one fan calling it one of "the only good thing[s] to come for this week." Another added, "Loved this movie... it better be good."

The reported TV show is the second major The Sandlot project to be announced in the last year. Deadline reported that 20th Century Fox was in charge of production on the project, adding that the idea was only in the "early" planning stages. At the time, Evans was said to be attached to the project, according to Deadline. Few details about the project were available at the time, but Deadline reported that it involved "the legend of the beast from the first iteration." Nothing more has come forward about the project since the initial announcement.

This is exciting for fans to hear since the cast of The Sandlot seems to stay tight as they have reunited in recent years. In April, for instance, the cast got together for a joint interview with CBS Sports, during which Evans admitted where was "really no way to know" that the film would be as big as it was. Marty York, who played Alan "Yeah Yeah" McClennan, reflected on his favorite parts of filming the movie, telling CBS Sports the cast did a lot of "improvisation."

Around the same time that interview was published, MLB and 20th Century Fox announced a partnership celebrating the film's 25th anniversary. The celebration included festivities at parks across the United States in the 2018 season. The cast made several appearances at parks during the promotion, according to a CBS News report.

There may be very little out about The Sandlot TV show at the moment, but it's clear that the film's legacy lives on in the hearts of nostalgia-hungry 90s kids everywhere. You know what they say, "Heroes get remembered. Legends never die." In this case, I guess it's the legend of the beast that lives on.