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This Brand New Sesame Street Collection Is Cuteness Overload

If you have any money left after the holidays, get ready to say goodbye to all of it: Two things you totally love as a parent — Land of Nod furnishings and Sesame Street — are joining forces to offer a home decor line that's so ridiculously cute and cheerful you won't be able to resist redecorating your little one's room, like, right now. We're talking the stuff of your childhood dreams: Everything from beanbag chairs to bedding to carpets to omg, so much more. Can you even stop yourself from buying the entire Land of Nod's Sesame Street Collection? Good luck.

Maybe it's because most of us moms grew up on Big Bird & Co., but there's just something about these pieces that make us feel like kids again. And that was pretty much the point behind the collection, as a press release from the Land of Nod explains:

"Nod and Sesame Street understand that life, especially parenting, is about embracing the small moments with kids. The Sesame Street for Nod collection encourages families to celebrate everyday moments throughout the home, from sunup to sundown.... Each piece embodies the furry fun of Sesame Street and the energetic spirit of kids, inspiring them to be everything they want to be."

Maybe that's asking a lot of kids' furniture, but when you see this stuff, you'll see what they mean. Plus, even though it's obviously designed to appeal to the preschool set, it somehow manages to be aesthetically pleasing enough for parents, too (which is a lot more than we can say for a lot of other character-driven kids' home furnishings and the like). Also including apparel, backpacks, bath time accessories, toys, sleeping bags, and more, the Sesame Street for Nod collection ranges from $8 to $499, and it's available starting January 4 at Land of Nod's website.

Still, we couldn't help giving you a few ideas to get started, so check out some of our favorite products from the newest Land Of Nod X Sesame Street collaboration.


Bathrobe, $39, Land of Nod

Your little one can channel their favorite Sesame Street character with a colorful bathrobe that they can don after bath time, or let's be honest, any time they want. At only $39 it's a steal.


Playhouse, $129, Land of Nod

This is the kind of thing we'd want to hide in and never come out of if we were kids, so if your own little one happens to go missing, probably check here first. It's adorable, and so much less bulky and cumbersome than most playhouses.

Cookie Monster Bookcase

Cookie Monster Bookcase, $499, Land of Nod

Even the most tidying-averse toddler might be inspired to put his things away with this character-inspired Cookie Monster bookcase which, of course, needn't be used solely for books. Best of all, it's super sturdy and is a creative way to finally find a way to organize all those oddly-sized books — do some of them really need to be that big, and others that small?

Sesame Street Activity Chair

Sesame Street Baby Activity Chair, $129, Land of Nod

Are you kidding us? Why oh why can't adult-sized desks be this snuggly and sweet? (And covered in cartoon characters?)

Character Pillows

Throw Pillow, $49, Land Of Nod

If you're looking for something more small scale for the kid's bedroom, these adorable pillows that feature the shows's most popular characters will definitely make your little one smile. Whether they're team Cookie Monster, obsessed with Elmo's infectious laugh, or can't get enough of duo Bert and Ernie, there's and option they'll love.

Elmo Swaddle Nest

Elmo Swaddle Nest, $89, Land of Nod

A perfect perch for any little one, that no doubt morphs into an appropriately-sized toddler seat for repeated Sesame Street viewings.

Oscar the Grouch Bedroom Set

Oscar the Grouch Bedroom Set, Prices vary from $14, Land of Nod

There's nothing grouchy about this cheerful bedroom, which embraces some of your kid's favorite things: color, space, and most of all, Sesame Street characters. And you bet the bedding comes in other favorite characters too.

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