Quantrell Colbert/Netflix

Don't Adjust Your TV Sets, You Really Are Seeing Sextuple On 'Sextuplets'

When watching Sextuplets on Netflix, you might recognize a few faces in the starring roles. Marlon Wayans plays expectant father, Alan, as he searches for his birth mother. What he finds rocks his whole world: Alan is one of a set of sextuplets separated at birth, and all of them are played by the same actor. So, basically, when I say the Sextuplets cast will have you doing a double take, I actually mean a sextuplet take.

In a total Nutty Professor move, Wayans plays the entire set of sextuplets in the flick. That includes brothers Russell, Jaspar, Baby Pete, and Ethan, and sister Dawn. Each character is vastly different from the next. Sextuplets also stars Wayans's old Marlon co-star, Bresha Webb, as well as comedians Michael Ian Black and Molly Shannon, to name a few. Wayans previously told BET.com, he enjoyed dressing up as different people in Sextuplets because of all the Halloweens he and his real life siblings weren't allowed to celebrate because they were very religious. "This is for all the years my father said we couldn’t celebrate, I’m celebrating now!," he said. "Trick or Treat, em’effer!"

If you want a more in-depth analysis of the cast, here are the stars of Sextuplets you likely already know and love.

Marlon Wayans

Wayons has appeared in notable full-length features like White Chicks and Scary Movie, and as a series regular on the long-running sketch comedy show, In Living Color (with a few of his siblings) and his own series, Marlon, according to IMDb.

Glynn Turman

Turman may be most known for recent work in How to Get Away With Murder, but he got his start on Broadway's A Raisin in the Sun, opposite Sidney Poitier, according to IMDb. In an interview with BET.com, Turman explained a little more on his upbringing and how it connected to Sextuplets. "I’m a farmer even though I’m from New York City. I own land in California. I grow peaches and raise horses, but I didn’t know where I got that from," he said, adding, "It’s interesting to be a part of a movie where I’m able to carry the same scenario into my personal life. Filming in a location that lends access to be furthering that knowledge of my own personal journey. We had a great time."

Molly Shannon

I hope I don't have to school you on Shannon's work at SNL, but in case you've been living on another planet, she's the original Superstar, Mary Katherine Gallagher. Currently, you'll find her opposite Sarah Jessica Parker on HBO's Divorce, but seeing as she's been acting since '89, it'd take me all day to list the projects on her resume.

Michael Ian Black

Black is a well known comedian, actor, writer, and director, who's work covers a wide spectrum. From The State to Insatiable and The Jim Gaffigan Show, Black's done it all. If you think I'm joking, he even appeared on Celebrity Poker Showdown.

Brysha Webb

As Wayans's co-star on Marlon, Webb probably knew what to expect working on Sextuplets. Her previous projects include Night School opposite Kevin Hart, Ride Along 2 opposite Kevin Hart (again), and Meet the Blacks. Her first role goes back to a '17 short called Zombie Love, where she played "teenager."

Now that you know a little more about the stars of Sextuplets, Netflix is calling your name. Go on now; get to it.